Proseminar: Sensation and Preception for Computer Scientists


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Participants will learn how to perform scientific inquiries. They should be able to learn the information within a limited area and present it in a talk. This will, among other things, help in learning the basics of presentations. They should also be able to write a report on the results of their studies.

Content (This course will be held in English)

Humans have developed an amazingly wide range of mechanisms for sensing, interpreting, and interacting with the world. Perception research uses a variety of methods to investigate and explain these fundamental perceptual mechanisms. In this seminar, we will provide an overview of the fundamentals of human perceptual abilities, with a strong focus the use of this knowledge in Computer Science.

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Target Groups

  • Informatik (Bachelor)
  • IMT (Bachelor)


  • Thompson, Fleming, Creem-Regehr, and Stefanucci (2011). Visual Perception from a Computer Graphics Perspective. A K Peters/CRC Press