Solmaz Yadollahi



Title of the Dissertation

The Iranian Bazaar as a Public Place: A Reintegrative Management Tool Applied Towards the Case Study of the Tabriz Bazaar

Supervisor(s):  Prof. Dr.-Ing. Silke Weidner,   Prof. Heinz Nagler


Protection of sites valued as places of public interest and masterpieces of Outstanding Universal Values is one of the most complicated challenges of Heritage Studies today. In such a case (a Living World Heritage Site), searching for feasible solutions to reconcile the site's ongoing life (use) with the necessity of protection and enhancement of its cultural significance which is the most important responsibility of all stakeholders, brings to light the need for understanding and applying the concept of sustainability in the site's local context.

Being a living public and commercial World Heritage ensemble with a remarkable functional diversity, Tabriz Historical Bazaar Complex provides the opportunity of studying, understanding and addressing the challenges of protecting Living World Heritage Sites against unsustainable use in the context of contemporary life.

Short bio

Solmaz Yadollahi is doing her Ph.D. on ‘The Iranian Bazaar as a Public Place: A Reintegrative Management Tool Applied Towards the Case Study of the Tabriz Bazaar’ at IGS Heritage Studies, BTU Cottbus.

Her research area is urban heritage management with a focus on studying and developing participatory management tools, public space, social sustainability and gender issues in historic urban areas.

During her Ph.D. studies, she was active as the representative of the Ph.D. candidates of IGS Heritage Studies in the Ph.D. Board of the program, the coordinator of the program from March to December 2016, and a teaching assistant at the Urban Management Chair- Faculty of Architecture and urban planning at BTU Cottbus. From 2008 to 2012, she collaborated with the World Heritage Inscription Bureau at the Iranian Cultural Heritage Handicrafts and Tourism Organization in preparing four successful World Heritage nominations. She was involved in several urban revitalization projects in Iran between 2005 and 2012.

Solmaz Yadollahi is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) since the end of 2019 at BTU's Chair of Urban Management. The aim of the research project is to present a diagnostic reflection on the responsiveness of current urban conservation in the context of urban development in the capital of Iran. The results should contribute to closing the research gap in urban  conservation by providing empirical examples of the local practice mechanisms of urban conservation in a Middle Eastern country

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