Dissertation Title:

Safeguarding Visual Aspects of Historic Urban Landscape through integrating Heritage Management into Urban Planning

Supervisors: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Silke Weidner, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Kloos

Short Bio:

Farnaz Mohseni did her Bachelor in Urban Planning and Master in Urban Design, both at Shiraz University in Iran. Based on her original field of interest which was historic urban landscapes, she decided to further her education and carry out her PhD thesis on the same subject at Brandenburg University of Technology. Her PhD thesis is concerned with the integration of historic urban landscape conservation into urban planning regulation systems. She is currently a DAAD scholarship holder.  


Hasnain, H., & Mohseni, F. (2017). Creative Ideation and Adaptive Reuse: A Solution to Sustainable Urban Heritage Conservation. Friendly City 4: From Research to Implementation for Better Sustainability. Medan, Indonesia: IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science.

Lotfi, S., Mohseni, F., & Sholeh, M. (2016). Historic Urban Landscape: A Comprehensive Approach towards Urban Regeneration and Visual Heritage Conservation. 2nd International Conference on Civil, Architectural and Urban Management. Tehran: Amirkabir University of Technology.

Lotfi, S., Mohseni, F., & Sholeh, M. (2015). The Conservation of Historic Urban Landscape and the Concept of Sustainable Development. 1st. International Congress on New Horizons in Architecture and Planning. Tehran: Tarbiat Modaress University.