Dissertation Title

Virtual Exploration: A Framework for the Use of Augmented Reality for Heritage Interpretation


Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dominik Lengyel

Description of your research:

Augmented reality is increasingly being used as interpretive medium in various heritage settings. Its popularity with urban tourists is growing; however, its accuracy and efficiency in identifying and sharing cultural information in an urban tourism context has not been fully explored. It is against this backdrop that Lianne’s project is placed. The project analyzes the state of the art of using augmented reality in heritage practices, and attempts to understand its role as an interpretive medium in heritage education, through the use of a smart device application and an augmented reality tour. The outcome of the project is a framework against which the scope of augmented reality for heritage interpretation can be measured.

Short Bio

Lianne was born and raised in Mumbai, India, and has a Bachelor in History. She completed her Master in Heritage Conservation and Site Management at the BTU in 2018, and is in her first semester as a PhD Candidate in Heritage Studies. Her research interests lie mainly in the digital humanities and heritage interpretation, and in peoples’ attitudes towards heritage and history. She also enjoys learning about new cultures and heritage sites and her work with the European Heritage Volunteers and their digital magazine, the European Heritage Times of which she has been a part since 2019. She aspires for a career in digital exhibition and interpretation design.