Dissertation Title:

Formation of Accidental Monuments in Former Yugoslavia: Case study: Re-Construction of Collective Memory in Societies Recovering from Conflict

Supervisor: Prof. Anna Amelina


Opening up a new way of reading architectural up-keeping as a foundation for new cultural and national identities. Not only as a process of active inscription into architecture but as a dialogue between architecture as heritage, collective memory and remembrance. The research will focus on the change of meaning of/in architecture that progressed from functional to symbolic and representative. Setting it apart from the established tradition of analysing historic structures toward structures that gained their remark-ability as cultural heritage not via either their age or their initial meaning towards structures that had their meaning converted from functional to symbolic by their role in a conflict.

Short Bio:

After finishing my M.A. in Anthropology and Ethnology in Zagreb, Croatia I lived and worked in the city of Karlsruhe, Germany. The job, which consisted both of working in a refugee centre and with alien families managing their future in Germany, had thought me about migrant policies, the value of an emphatic approach and the importance of team work. At the three year mark at my job, I have decided to extend my expose into a PhD, thusly moving to Cottbus in October of 2019. Complementing my professional life, I have a keen interest in documentaries that I work on in collaboration with my partner: a film maker and media artist. Union work, in the form of syndicate activities done in an effort to better working conditions in Germany frame my interests outside of academia. My research interests include, but are not limited to, the Yugosphere, memory and modern nation state building.