Dissertation Title:The Valorisation of Intangible Cultural Heritage (working title)

Supervisors:Prof. Dr. Marie-Theres Albert; Prof. Dr. Christoph Wulf (FU Berlin)

The ‘valorisation of intangible cultural heritage’ is a process wherein the consciousness of a society for their cultural heritage is raised towards a higher appreciation of regional cultural specifics. This ideally results in social, cultural and economic benefits supporting a sustainable regional development, e.g. through the creation of regional products and services. However, there is still no evidence on how the mechanisms constituting the valorisation process work and how it could be explained theoretically. Therefore, the phenomena ‘valorisation’ and ‘intangible cultural heritage’ are analysed drawing on Pierre Bourdieu’s ‘Theory of Practice.’ Using central praxeological concepts like ‘field’, ‘habitus’ and ‘cultural capital’ a model of intangible heritage valorisation will be developed showing new possibilities of protection, use and transmission of intangible cultural heritage.

Short Bio:Marlen Meißner studied Cultural Studies and English Philology at the University of Leipzig and at Teesside University Middlesbrough (UK). With her thesis analysing the influence of state cultural policy on the practice of Jazz music in the former GDR, she graduated as Master of Arts in 2008. Furthermore, she studied Music Pedagogy at BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in 2016.

From 2011 to 2014, she was the project coordinator of Cultural Capital Counts, an international EU-funded project dealing with the valorisation of intangible cultural heritage at Brandenburg University of Technology. In cooperation with ten project partners from six different countries, the project analysed in which ways intangible cultural heritage can be harnessed for regional economic development.

Since 2014, Marlen Meissner is a member of the federal state jury of Brandenburg for the selection of intangible cultural heritage expressions for the nationwide German inventory.

In September 2017, she won the “Best Paper Award” in three categories at the 5th International Conference on Intangible Heritage “Sharing Cultures” organized by the Green Lines Institute for Sustainable Development in Portugal: Best Paper On Conference Topic 5 “Management and Promotion of Intangible Heritage”, Best Paper Among Early Stage Researchers and Best Paper Overall.


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