Two PhD Heritage Studies students awarded BTU scholarship for PhD students active in establishing international cooperation within their Chair/Department (DAAD STIBET funding) in 2021

Ms. Huda Amro (Chair of Intercultural Studies) and Mr. Jonathan B. Doe (Chair of Technoscience Studies) have been awarded the above scholarship for six months.

Ms. Amro is writing her dissertation on the “Ein El-Hilweh Palestinian Refugee Camp: Architecture, Urban Morphology, Collective Memory and Symbolic Identity” and was able to establish a cooperation with the University of Jordan (Architectural Engineering), where she will be conducting online seminars in 2021 to introduce her research as well as the concept of World Heritage. It is also planned to work on joint research papers.

Mr. Doe is writing his dissertation on “Urban Gardening and Imaginary in Postcolonial West Africa”. A collaboration with the University of Ghana (Archaeology) is in the process with the aim of starting a research project on “Regenerating Urban Commons” that will bring together "public archaeology" and "biodiversity conservation".

Heritage Studies student awarded BTU scholarship for PhD students active in establishing international cooperation within their Chair/Department (DAAD STIBET funding)

Ms. Zain Ahmad Hajahjah, Department of Urban Management, is writing her dissertation on “A Heritage-Based Community Development Process Through the UNESCO Historic Urban Landscape Recommendation: The Historic Center of As-Salt in Jordan”.

She has been awarded the scholarship for her commitment to establish a network of international expert discussion within the context of heritage management. During her advisory work for the American Center of Oriential Research from March 15 to September 15, 2018 (SCHEP project), she also helped to establish cooperative relationships between various partners and BTU, which for example raised the interest of the General-Director of the Department of Antiquities of Jordan (Dr. Monther Jamhawi) through workshops, conferences and the cooperative development of content. Ms. Hajahjah also won the Emerald Literate Award of 2018 for her exceptional article "A bottom-up approach for cultural tourism management in the old city of As-Salt, Jordan". She is also the author of six academic papers in international peer-reviewed journals.

PhD candidate Juliane Schmidt part of team for WHS nomination of the Water Management System of Augsburg

PhD candidate Juliane Schmidt (M.A.) was recently joined a team of researcher's nominating the Water Management System of Augsburg to the World Heritage List in 2019. Schmidt helped coordinate and write the nomination and management plan, detailing how Augsburg's water management sytem has evolved in successive phases since the 14th century.  

Juliane Schmidt is writing her dissertation on geochemical analysis of carbonate deposits from the Ain Juj water channel in Baalbek. Schmidt studied Art History, Classical Archaeology and Ancient History at the University of Leipzig and graduated with a Master's degree in 2000. Afterwards, she worked as research assistant at the Institute of Art History in Leipzig. From 2001 until 2005 she worked and lived in Mongolia where she participated in several excavations in Karakorum. In 2011, she graduated with a Master of Arts in World Heritage Studies at the BTU Cottbus. Her Master thesis was entitled “The Water Distribution System of Baalbek during Roman times and its significance for the development of its sanctuary and city”. After the completion of her Master, she worked for the city of Leipzig on the “Leipzig and its Musical Heritage” application for the UNESCO tentative list.

PhD candidate in Heritage Studies wins Best Paper Awards in European Conferences on Heritage

Marlen Meissner writes her dissertation supervised by Marie-Theres Albert and Christoph Wulf (FU Berlin) on the valorisation of intangible cultural heritage within the PhD Programme Heritage Studies.

Chair of Intercultural Studies continues to hold the UNESCO Chair in Heritage Studies

In May 2018, UNESCO prolonged the Chair in Heritage Studies at BTU Cottbus - Senftenberg affiliated to the Chair of Intercultural Studies with its new chair holder Prof. Anna Amelina.