Mandatory Curriculum

During the six-semester programme, PhD students shall be able to complete their scientific thesis. Besides the PhD thesis, the programme comprise an oral examination (defence) at the end of the studies and a mandatory curriculum (modules) in the form of seminars. A total amount of 180 credits (ECTS) is awarded. Every seminar as well as the doctoral thesis and the defence will be graded individually. All grades are included in the calculation for the final grade.

All seminars are a mandatory part of the programme. Therefore, it is necessary that the PhD students are present at the university during the lecture periods. Examination takes place in form of presentations, papers and reports graded and included in the final grade.

The language of instruction and research is English. Research studies abroad may be integrated.

BTU Graduate Research School (GRS) is offering additional workshops for all doctoral candidates at BTU in the areas of networking, subject-related qualification, scientific techniques and transferrable skills training. Here you may find the current GRS qualification programme as well as register for the GRS newsletter.

Curriculum for enrolled students from winter semester 2017/18 onwards

ModuleSemester (winter / summer)  
1st (WS)2nd (SS)3rd (WS)4th (SS)5th (WS)6th (SS).Credit Points
Theories and Methods2 hrs per week2 hrs per week    6
Status Seminar Heritage Studies: Progress Reports PhD Thesis 2 hrs per week 2 hrs per week 2 hrs per week 6
Research Colloquium at the individual chairs and departments2 hrs per week2 hrs per week    6
Essentials of Grant Proposal Writing (Part1 only offered in winter semester) – this course is mandatory also for PhD students in ERM  Part 1 2 hrs per weekPart 2 2 hrs per week  6
PhD Thesis Writing Skills
(Part1 only offered in winter semester) – this course is mandatory also for PhD students in ERM
  Part 1 2 hrs per weekPart 2 2 hrs per week  6
Submission of PhD Thesis and oral defense      150

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