You will need to show certain documents when you enrol at BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg and register at the City Administration Office. We have put together the most important information related to this topic in the following information sheets.

Brochures 'Getting Started' at BTU

Welcome and Registration Point

Main Campus
Enrolment Period11th September 2017 -
6th October 2017
11th September 2017 -
6th October 2017
11th September 2017 -
6th October 2017
Grace Period for justified exceptions, e.g. applicants with visa requirements6th October 2017 - 30th October 20176th October 2017 - 30th October 20176th October 2017 - 30th October 2017
LocationLink zu einer externen Seite Main Building,
4. floor, Room 4.29
see Main CampusLink zu einer externen Seite Building 2,Room 2.205
Opening hoursMon – Thu:
10 a.m. - 3 p.m. 
10 - 12 a.m.
see Main Campus

Mon – Thu
1 - 3 p.m.
dates for summer semester 2017 Link zu einer externen Seite university programmes Link zu einer externen Seite applied programmes Link zu einer externen Seite applied programmes

Please be aware that due to national holidays all offices (supermarktets and shops) are closed on October 3rd (German Reunification Day) and October 31st (Reformation Day) !!!

BTU Buddies - 'First Contact Tutors'

In order to make your start in a new environment as comfortable and simple as possible, we provide First Contact Tutors. The tutors are there to assist you in visiting city administration offices, to give you a tour through Cottbus or Senftenberg, and to help you understand how things work in Germany.

If you are interested in having a tutor, then just make a request for one at the Welcome and Registration Point.

Did you like your welcome experience? Do you wish to become a BTU Buddy? Then please contact the Student Activities Office (E-Mail Email).

Health insurance

According to German law § 5 paragraph 1 Nr. 9 Sentence 1 SGB V, all students are required to obtain health insurance with the statutory health insurance companies. This means you can only enrol, provided you have a valid health insurance.

If you have already obtained health insurance valid in Germany from your home country, you will still be required to exempt from the statutory health insurance. You can receive this exemption from the statutory health insurance companies in Germany. In order to qualify for exemption you will need your letter of admission and your valid health insurance for Germany. Please note, you can only be exempted from the statutory health insurance if you can provide an equivalent health insurance in all
aspects of coverage.

The exemption lasts for the duration of your degree studies and is a final decision that cannot be reversed: Even after completion of your studies, you will not be able to obtain German statutory health insurance unless you become an employee subject to social insurance contributions. Before you make efforts to be exempted, please consider this and consult one of the statutory health insurance companies!

A few of these companies are located on the BTU campus, and offer specialised student advisors.

It will also be accepted if you are an EU-citizen and you are covered by your national European Health Insurance (EHI).

Travel insurances cannot be accepted!

If you do not have a valid health insurance for Germany, there are a number of statutory health insurance companies to choose from. These companies offer health insurance for students
under 30 years of age at a cost of ca. 90 € a month. They usually offer similar benefits. Please note that the contract duration is set at a minimum of 18 months. You will need to provide your passport and your letter of admission if you would like to register for health insurance with one of the statutory health insurance companies.

If you are 30 years old or older, you can no longer benefit from the cheaper student tariff offered by the statutory health insurance companies. Depending on what type of insurance you had before, you will have the option of voluntarily registering for health insurance and paying a higher, income dependent tariff.

A further option would be to register for private health insurance. Information on this will be provided if necessary from the International Relations Office.

Please consider the following points when choosing private health insurance:

  • Below 30 years of age: you will still need an exemption from the obligatory statutory health insurance which can be obtained from any statutory health insurance company.
  • Once you have chosen private health insurance, you cannot switch back to statutory health insurance.
  • Private health insurance can be very affordable in the first year, but fees rise with every passing year, and coverage is limited to 5 years total.
  • As a customer of private health insurance you will need to pay medical bills in advance. You will then be reimbursed once you submit the receipts to the insurance company according to their reimbursement
  • regulations. Within the statutoryhealth insurance system your doctor balances the accounts directly with the insurance.
  • Private health insurance for students does not necessarily give you full coverage. Therefore read the contract terms and conditions very carefully.