Internship abroad

Students of the BTU Cottbus –Senftenberg have the opportunity to gather international experience in form of a mandatory or volunteer internship abroad. An internship is mandatory component of the curriculum of many degree programmes and can also be completed in other countries. You will generally require less preparation time for an internship than for studies abroad. In addition, length, beginning and finishing dates of your internship can be negotiated. An internship abroad can be integrated at any time during your degree programme and is an important criteria future employers will be looking for.

The BTU offers various information and funding possibilities for your internship abroad:

Erasmus+ Traineeships
Erasmus+ is the EU Programme in the fields of education, training, youth and sport for the period 2014-2020. It sponsors 2 to 12 moth degree related traineeships for students and graduates in other European countries with a monthly financial contribution.
Further information can be found on the website of the Link zu einer externen Seite LEONARDO Office Brandenburg.

International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience is the worldwide largest internship and exchange organisation for students of natural and engineering sciences as well as agriculture and forestry degree programmes. The IAESTE has an active local committee on the BTU Cottbus Campus. Their team can provide information and advice for your plans abroad.Further Information can be found on the Website: IAESTE-Lokalkomitees

Career Centre Main Campus
The Career Centre, as part of external relations of the BTU Cottbus – Senftenberg, is an initiative of regional and transregional business communities as well as the guilds of commerce and the employment agency of Berlin Brandenburg aimed at best preparing students for the workforce. The Career Centre offers seminars for studies and future employment, interview training and valuable insight on career planning. The Career Centre also mediates internships located inland and abroad.
Further Information can be found on the Website: Link zu einer externen Seite Career Centers.

Career Center Campus Senftenberg
The Senftenberg Campus Career Centre offers online listings of available positions as well as internships abroad and job-placements for students of application oriented degree programmes. In addition the Senftenberg Campus Career Centre offers various seminars regarding soft skills, interview training and preparation for the start of your career.
Further Information can be found on the Website: Link zu einer externen Seite Career Centers.

Extern offers

Link zu einer externen Seite AHKThe German Chambers of Commerce, the AHKs, are located in all countries of particular interest for German industry and commerce. The demand for internships with the AHK is very high. Internships with the AHK are long-term positions and very few in number. We recommend applying for such a position well in advance.
Link zu einer externen Seite AIESECAssociation Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales is the largest international student organisation with over 800 local committees in 113 countries and over 86 000 active members across the globe. AIESEC organizes and mediates international internships in the field of management, IT, as well as the social and education sector of all regions with a local committee.
Link zu einer externen Seite ASAThe ASA-programme consists of 4 sub-programmes, which offer various aimed project internships. Applicants can apply for one or combine two project internships of the same or varying sub-programmes. 
Link zu einer externen Seite DAADThe German Academic Exchange Service provides extensive information on international internships. 
Link zu einer externen Seite ZAVThe international Placement Service of the of the employment services in Germany, offers in cooperation with selected programme partners various job and internship opportunities in Europe and across the world.