Eligibility Requirements and Selection Criteria for Traineeships in the framework of Erasmus+

Requirements for the applicant

If you want to apply for a sponsored traineeship you should comply with the following requirements:

  • You are enrolled in an University or University of Applied Sciences in Brandenburg as a fulltime student.
  • Your haven't maxed out your Erasmus-quota of 12 months in your current study cycle (Bachelor, Master, PhD).
  • You can illustrate your motivation for a traineeship abroad convincingly.
  • A professor of your university recommends you for the sponsorship.
  • You have appropriate language skills of the working language that you have to proof by taking an Online-Language-Assesment
  • You apply early enough

Requirements for the traineeship

Please take the following considerations into account, when you are looking for a traineeship:

  • An Erasmus+ traineeship can with the exception of Germany be carried out in all remaining 27 contries of the European Union as well as in Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey and FYR Macedonia.
  • The minimum duration for a traineeship is 60 days and it can be sponsored up to 360 days by the Erasmus+ Programme (please bear in mind the information about the Erasmus time quota).
  • The traineeship must be in close context to your study course and recognised by either ECTS, by an entry in the Diploma Supplement or by an entry in the Transcript of Records (not only mandatory traineeships can be sponsored).
  • The traineeship has to be carried out in full time (at least 35 hours per week).
  • During the traineeship you have to move your residence to the host country.
  • The host company or organisation should normally also provide some financial benefits for trainees, as, after a short training period and because of his or her studies, they are like usual employees for the company or organisation. Such benefits can by provided as a salary and or as non-cash benefits (free accommodation, transport fees, food vouchers) and will not be balanced with the trainees' Erasmus+ funding.

Criteria for exclusion

  • A double EU sponsorship is not possible, which is to say that you may not be supported by any other EU programme funding scheme when receiving an Erasmus+ Traineeship grant.
  • The following institutions are not eligible for hosting your traineeship:
    • EU institutions or other EU bodies including specialised agencies (full list available at http://europa.eu/institutions/index_en.htm)
    • organisations managing EU programmes (e.g. National Agencies so-called)
  • Traineeships already begun cannot be funded.

Erasmus+ time quota

After successful application, every student will be allocated an Erasmus+ time quota of 360 days for his/her current study cycle (Bachelor, Master, PhD). He/She can use this quota for Erasmus+ studies or Erasmus+ traineeships during his/her current study cycle including a one-year period after graduation .


While doing a Bachelor's degree it's possible pass an Erasmus+ semester abroad (Erasmus+ study) for 5 months, a traineeship abroad for 4 months (Erasmus+ traineeship in an eligible Erasmus+ country) as well as another 3 months Erasmus+ traineeship after graduation (5+4+3=12).

If not having the opportunity to pass an Erasmus+ period abroad during one's current study cycle, one could well pass an Erasmus+ traineeship abroad of up to 12 months after graduation. For possible Master's and/or PhD cycles another 360-day Erasmus+ time quota per study cycle would be made available for Erasmus+ periods abroad.

Please bear in mind that there is no legal entitlement for any Erasmus+ sponsorship. Every stay abroad requires its own application.