Applied Instrumental and Vocal Performance and Teaching
A concert grand piano illuminated in different colours - symbolic image for the bachelors programme in instrumental and vocal performance and teaching
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


The artistic pedagogical eight-semester bachelor's programme provides training in the teaching of singing or musical instruments (specialization in classical music or popular music).

It is important to nurture the artistic identities of the students and to promote methodological didactical competence. We believe that competent and motivated teaching can only be practiced when the topic is fully mastered.

A keen awareness of musical theory, musical history and stylistic issues, a good musical ear and knowledge of methodological as well as musical-pedagogical concepts provide the essential skills for this profession.

Elementary musical pedagogy and practical work with school children are also part of the study course. Good opportunities to practice on campus as well as a very friendly atmosphere allow for a concentrated study course and continuous mentoring. We see our teaching mission as the merging of artistic, pedagogical and academic competences.

Admission on the course is subject to a test in which the skills of both major and minor subjects, as well theory and ear training are examined. The course content is consistently monitored and improved.

Der abwechslungsreiche Studienaufbau, der schöne Campus und die freundliche Atmosphäre an der Uni haben mich sofort begeistert. Das Beste am Studium ist die Verbindung von künstlerischer und pädagogischer Ausbildung.

Susanne Röstel

Mit dem IGP-Studium ist man nicht auf eine berufliche Tätigkeit festgelegt und kann schon im Studium berufliche Erfahrungen sammeln. Am meisten gefällt mir, dass ich in meinem jeweiligen Haupt- und Nebenfach im Einzelunterricht ausgebildet werde und mich so individuell entwickeln kann.

Nina Flieder

Professional Fields of Activity

Teaching an instrument, singing and/or elementary music teaching in a public or private school. Independent music teaching.

Applications and Admissions

Admissions Requirements

  • Advanced technical college entrance qualification or General university entrance qualification (Abitur)
  • Artistic Examination
  • Phoniatric appraisal if the major subject is singing
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