Current Research Projects

The BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg has a range of successful international and national research projects. Some outstanding projects are:

Innovative Production Methods

Accurate joining of two different materials and sheet thicknesses

The modern theater for events and concerts in Aleppo.

The Memory Bank

A digital map of Aleppo's ancient city centre is going to help to rebuild what was once one of the biggest trading hubs in the Middle East

The "Cottbus Large Pipe Test Facility", or CoLa-Pipe for short, is one of four nationwide reference experiments in the new priority programme.

Turbulence and Superstructures

BTU is part of a new priority program by the German Research Association DFG

The software provided in the faculty enables an optimal planning of the production process and simulation of its workflows by the researchers.

Versatile Factories stay Competitive

A project in the Faculty for Factory Planning and Operation is developing strategies for the competitiveness of enterprises in the Lausitz region

Biotechnology student Philipp Geppert examining tumorous tissue for a specific genetic defect in the laboratory

Identifying Diseases with greater Precision

Researchers led by Prof. Schierack are now able to analyze several genetic defects simultaneously

Coal-fired Power Station and wind-engines in front of a strip mining

Coal-fired Power Stations Facing new Challenges

New research project studies the impact of flexibilization

Concrete pump shafts are located below the rainwater inlets in road construction, the gullies. The vehicles driving across them every day create a mechanical pressure that leads to cracks, leaky shaft joints and corrosion over time.

Rapid and economic refurbishing technology in Road Construction

Resin fibre composites are part of an innovative technology for refurbishing concrete sump shafts

A view of the European lab, Columbus, on the international space station
A view of the European lab, Columbus, on the international space station. Columbus was brought to the space station in 2008 with the space shuttle Atlantis and was docked there. International researchers use the data from the weightlessness in the lab for their work in areas such as fluid physics, material sciences, remote sensing and medicine (Photo: NASA)

Safety at Europe's Research Center

BTU Researchers analyze Sensor Data in Real-Time

Lightweight Structured Materials

Innovative Solutions for the Complete Product Manufacture Chain

Biogas from Organic Waste and Biomass

A BMBF project to produce biogas from organic waste and biomass in Mexico through an innovative co-fermentation process

Brandenburg Innovation Centre for Modern Industry

Customised Solutions for Industry 4.0 in Practice

Concept for Sustainable Water Management

Interdisciplinary BMBF Joint Project NITROLIMIT

EU Nanodetector Project

Innovative Method to Measure single Nanoparticles

Palaeoenvironmental Research

Climate dynamics and use of land in the northern central European lowlands since the last ice age

The New Generation of Refractory Materials

A complex evaluation method of thermal shock sensitivity for refractory ceramics

More Efficiency in Personalized Medicine

Examining blood, serum and cell material from the brain and spinal cord in the laboratory

Thermisches Kraftwerk Lippendorf (Foto: Katrin Rößler, Vattenfall)

Precise Measurement of Technical IT Security in Critical Infrastructures

BMBF-Project Security Indicators for Critical Infrastructure Analysis (SICIA)

SMART Capital Region

Use of renewable surpluses in Berlin and other urban centers in Brandenburg

To Protect Against Cyber Attacks

Viable solutions for the detection and containment of Cyber attacks on industrial control systems

Regional Climate Change

Assessing uncertainties of future climate change such as extreme precipitation

Promoting International Innovation

Cooperation of the University of Zielona Góra and the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg in the field of 'Green Energy'