Doctoral studies

In many professions in and outside the scientific world, a doctoral degree is the start for an academic career. With a completed dissertation and successful thesis defense, it is evidence of your ability to work independently in an academic field.

Before you decide whether to go for a doctoral degree you should be aware that this involves a project spanning several years requiring the ability to work independently, good time management and perseverance. These challenges are best met if your motivation for doctoral studies is based on a genuine enthusiasm for research and your dissertation subject.

If you decide you would like to apply for doctoral studies, BTU offers various options leading to a successful completion of a doctoral degree.

Ways to pursue your Doctoral Degree at BTU

It is possible to pursue a doctoral degree in all six faculties at BTU.

Alongside the traditional, individual doctoral degree, the university also offers structured doctoral programmes.

At BTU you may also do an individual doctoral degree as an external student (whilst working in a company or scientific research institution), in cooperation with another university in Germany or in cooperation with a scientific university abroad (Cotutelle doctorate).