Applied Social Work
Master of Arts (M.A.)


The study programme in Social Work is a consecutive Master's degree programme, which carries a total of 120 ECTS credit points. The programme is designed as a four-semester full-time inclusive course with 13 modules. The generalised orientation of the master's degree programme is designed to ensure the alignment of individual disciplines with their respective scope. The focus of the qualification is directed on two levels. On the one hand the area of resocialization, rehabilitation and health can be treated within the broad scope of the relevant areas of social work, and on the other hand students should be able to identify and analyse complex relationships at a higher level in order to be equipped to deal with tasks at a higher position of responsibility in management and administration.

The M.A. Social Work alone is not sufficiant for a state approved degree in the state of Brandenburg.

Professional Fields of Activity

Work with children, youth work, work with the disabled, the elderly, community work, school social work, work in the area of special education and rehabilitation, family and adult education, media and cultural education, administrative and planning institutions, judicial work

Applications and Admissions

Admissions Requirements

EBHA study in Social Work or another relevant specialized subject that is in line with the objectives of the study programme, with at least 180 CP

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