• Systemic family therapist (DGSF - Systemische Familientherapeutin)
  • Systemic child and youth therapist (DGSF - Systemische Kinder- und Jugendlichentherapeutin)

"Constructing difficult cases in the accompanying youth welfare system in Berlin-Brandenburg".

The discourse on children and adolescents who do not fit into systems, which has existed for centuries and which has repeatedly come into focus, seems to lead to controversies between research and practice time and again.

The questions that need to be asked in the academic discourse on "difficult children and young people", both theoretically and practically, are:

    How does social work create a manifestation of the construction "difficult"?
    What dynamics arise from the manifestation in the network?
    Which interfaces in the construct of youth welfare, family, society, institution are left out of this consideration?

In the current research project, I am looking away from the "difficult" child towards the participants in the help process. I would like to understand, with the inclusion of the questions, how all those involved in this process are communicatively networked with each other.