Examination procedures during online mode

Under the following points you will find all the important and necessary information about the examination procedures during the Corona pandemic.

Information on the extended right of de-registration in summer semester 2021

Examination attendance will again be voluntary during the summer semester 2021. This means that failure to appear for the examination will be regarded as withdrawal. Nevertheless, all students who already know within the applicable deadlines that they will not take part should cancel their registration in good time. This makes planning easier for the lecturers.

If you have any questions or problems concerning the courses and/or examinations, please contact your lecturers immediately. They can and will work with you to find solutions in accordance with the principles of equivalence and equal opportunities. The examination boards are of course also available to answer your questions.

To be noted for the extended right of de-registration:

  • For all MAP exams (regular exams and repeat-exams) in summer semester 2020, the regular de-registration periods apply until one week before the start of the examination period.
  • If problems arise after the regular deadline with regard to the execution of an examination, you can de-register from it by not appearing to the exam.  However, it is strongly recommended to consult with the examiners in good time before the exam. If no other solution can be found, the student´s de-registration will be reported to the Admission & Registrar’s Office by the examiners via the grade notification.
  • If there are problems with the execution of MCA partial performances, the examiners must also be consulted immediately. If no other solution is found, students may either de-register from the entire module or have this partial performance included in the calculation of the module grade without evaluation points, thereby accepting a lower grade. Of course this option only works, if the module's passing is not jeopardized by the lack of the partial performance. For this reason, students can decide whether to de-register from the module or to accept the overall module grade after completing the module but before the grade report forwarded to the Admission & Registrar’s Office. The deadline for the decision will be set and communicated by the module supervisor.
  • In the case of de-registration from an MCA module, a new module registration is required in a following semester. If you de-register from a MAP module, you can register for a repeat examination in the following semester.
  • Please note that this does not result in any changes in the duration of validity of the prerequisites for MAP examinations already completed (§ 13 (2), sentence 2 RahmenO). As always, the prerequisites expire after two semesters. There are also no changes to the deadlines for taking free attempts (§ 17, sections 1 and 2 RahmenO).
  • As a rule, voluntary withdrawal from the examination cannot be claimed with regard to the requirements for registration for the final thesis either. Please note the further details under "Registration of the final thesis".
  • Students with special study plans (e.g. within the framework of part-time studies) or study course agreements should contact their counsellors in good time if they have problems organizing their studies. Mentors and subject related counsellors will be available for support.
  • For examinations (MAP or MCA partial performances) that have already been started, de-registration is no longer possible.
  • If a student voluntarily withdraws from an MCA or MAP module after the regular de-registration deadline has expired, the lecturer will initially record a 5.0 (failed). The withdrawal is sent to the Registrar’s Office together with the grade registration. The de-registration will then be booked here, including the resetting of the attempt count. Please note that this adjustment may take some time.

updated: 26.04.2021

How are the examination attempts in summer semester 2021 evaluated?

The regulation from the winter semester is extended for the summer semester: Module examinations of the winter semester 20/21 (MCA and MAP) that have not been passed will be considered as not having been taken. The result will not be taken into account and the attempt count will not be continued. This does not apply to examinations that were assessed as failed due to an attempt at cheating.

Please note that when exam results are reported, a "not passed" or "not appeared" may initially be recorded. The post-processing of the entries takes place in the Registrar’s Office. Please note that this adjustment may take some time.

updated: 10.08.2021

Registration of the final thesis

While the BTU is in online mode, it is still possible to register a thesis. Instead of using the usual form, you submit your application by email to the responsible study programme administrator and put your first supervisor in copy (cc).

The application/email must contain the following information:

  • Surname, first name, enrolment number, study programme and the degree you are aiming for (Bachelor or Master),
  • Full name of the first supervisor

The Admissions and Registrar’s Office will then check whether the requirements according to the applicable subject-specific Examination and Study Regulations (PStO) have been met. If this is not the case and if this is due to the pandemic (e.g. interrupted compulsory internship), the number and type of examinations will be examined on a case-by-case basis. The decision whether your registration can still be made, may be taken in coordination with the examination board.

The decision will be sent to you and the proposed first supervisor by email.

If the admission requirements are met, the first supervisor sends confirmation of his/her confirmation of supervision by email to the Admissions and Registrar’s Office and cc to you, stating the topic (in German and English) and a short description of the task.

The Admissions and Registrar’s Office will register you for the module. Regarding the processing time, please refer to the information listed below regarding the extension of the processing time.

The confirmation of the module registration is sent by email to you and cc to the first examiner, stating the processing time and the submission date.

Is there an extended right to return the topic of the thesis?

The right to return the topic within the first 4 weeks according to § 24 Para. 5 General Examination and Study Regulations (RahmenO) Bachelor/Master is not extended.

What options are there for extending the processing time?

For theses registered during the summer semester 2021 there is an automatic pandemic-related extension of three months. The regular possibility to apply for an extension in accordance with § 24 Para. 6 and 7 General Examination and Study Regulations (RahmenO) still exists. In the case of an extension by a maximum of 1/3 of the processing time, the processing time according to the PStO shall be used for the calculation.

updated: 26.04.2021

Submission of the final thesis

As long as the BTU is in online mode, you can submit the electronic version by email to the examiner and at the same time to the Admission & Registrar’s Office. The electronic receipt is sufficient to meet the deadline of submission if necessary. Printed copies are sent by post, but this can also be done later if printing is not possible in the near future.

You should take care to limit the file volume or, if necessary, make the thesis available via a cloud or dropbox. You should also come to an agreement on the exact modalities with the first examiner in good time, especially if a non-disclosure notice is in effect.

Defence of the final thesis

As long as the BTU is in online mode, thesis defences may be conducted as a video-based oral examination.

Students who wish to make use of this option need to register for the examination through an e-mail request to the first examiner. Please note the further explanations as well as the text to be used for the request given in the information about the video based oral examinations (MVP).

Video based oral examinations (MVP)

Since the legal framework has been set, it is now possible to conduct oral examinations video based for the duration of our university´s (online operation). This option also includes the defence of the thesis.

Module final examinations can thus be planned regularly as MVPs. Information on this can be obtained from the lecturers via Moodle or in the information portal teaching.

In the case of regularly planned MVPs, students consent to the video-based examination by registering online for the module or the repeat-examination. When the examination is not regularly planned, but an individual cases (e.g. defence of the thesis), it is also possible to conduct the examination as MVP. Students who wish to make use of this option need to register for the examination through an e-mail-request to the (first) examiner. The text to be used for the request can be found here. The request to conduct the MVP is voluntary, and if the request is not made, the relevant oral examination will be conducted in the regular form as soon as possible in compliance with all hygiene measures.

Please note: The confirmation for the MVP is given by the (first) examiner by replying/forwarding the request including the examination date to the student and cc. to infothek(at)b-tu.de (Admission & Registrar’s Office).

A video based oral examination can be conducted under the following conditions:

  • It must be ensured that neither advantages nor disadvantages arise for the students, so that the MVP is conducted on terms of equal opportunities.
  • The framework conditions as well as the admission requirements of the regular examination also apply to the (MVP).
  • An MVP will only be conducted at the request of the student, who must agree to the terms and conditions of the MVP.
  • The examiners and where applicable the observers have to consent to the MVP, the consent must be recorded in the exam protocol.
  • The student is in a room designated by the BTU. The (first) examiner determines the details of the requirements for the room and the video system to be used.
  • The identity of the student must be clearly certifiable. The student must identify him/herself at the beginning of the examination by presenting an identification document including a photograph (preferably an identity card or passport).

The MVP will only be conducted if, in addition to the picture quality, the sound quality is sufficient for the examination to be carried out without disturbance, which must be checked

What does the Higher Education Pandemic Ordinance (HPandV) contain?

Due to the pandemic, the Brandenburg Higher Education Act was amended and the Higher Education Pandemic Ordinance (HPandV of 14.10.2020) was issued. In a brief summary, the HPandV (incl. the 1st Amendment of 28.01.2021 - AendHPandV) includes that for all students who were enrolled in summer semester 2020 or winter semester 2020/21, the individual standard period of study is extended by one semester each. This will be taken into account in all BTU regulations that involve the standard period of study in any way. It also has an impact on BAFöG funding, more information on this can also be found in the Corona FAQ.

What impact does the HPandV have on academic advisory sessions?

In winter semester 2020/21, invitations to academic advisory sessions were again sent out by the Registrar’s Office. Pursuant to § 10, section 6 of the Framework Regulations for Bachelor's/Master's degrees (RahmenO Bachelor/Master) students receive this invitation if they have not successfully completed the modules required in their study programme within four semesters after classification in the standard curriculum.

The HPandV was already taken into account with a deadline extension of one semester during the review of study time limits for WiSe 2020/21. The further deadline extension of one semester due to the AendHPandV was not yet taken into account, as it only came into force on 28 Jan. 2021. Students who had already finalized an agreement on study progress prior to WiSe 2020/21 were again invited to an academic advisory session in WiSe 2020/21 in order to have the option of updating the agreement.

For students who are currently in the process of academic advisory sessions:

  • The invitations sent out in WiSe 2020/21 are still valid.
  • Students who have received an invitation to update their study progress agreement: If you do not attend the study advisory session at your request/do not conclude a new agreement, the previous agreement will remain in force. The deadlines set in it will be extended by two semesters.
  • Students who have received an invitation to initial counselling:

If you do not attend the study advisory session and there are no recognisable reasons for this, it will lead to the loss of the examination claim, if the study time limit has been exceeded by at least six semesters. Students who have exceeded the time limit by five semesters will be invited again to the study advisory session in summer semester 2021 due to the AendHPandV, provided that there have been no changes to the study status.

  • Study progress agreements being concluded in winter semester 2020/21 remain valid. However, in the case of first-time agreements of students who have exceeded the study time limit by five semesters, the deadlines set therein will be extended by one semester.
  • Regarding all study progress agreements: If problems arise in complying with the agreement, please contact the study advisors immediately. It is always possible to update the agreements with the consent of your study advisor, but the updated agreement must also be reported to the Registrar’s Office!

If you have any questions about the study advisory service or your study time limits, the study programme administrators will also be happy to help you. 

How will failed exams be displayed in the online portal for students in summer semester 2021?

The pandemic-related modified regulation stipulates that a failed examination in summer semester 2021 will be considered as not having been taken. For this purpose, a withdrawal is booked through the Registrar’s Office in order to reset the attempt count. As soon as the withdrawal is booked, the module will no longer appear in the online portal.

This means: If a module no longer appears in the online portal with the status "registered", a booking has been made.

  • If you have taken the examination and passed it, the grade will be displayed regularly in the online portal.
  • If you took the exam and did not pass, the module is no longer visible in the online portal for summer semester 2021. In the Registrar’s Office the 5.0 was booked with a withdrawal.
  • If you did not take the exam and the module is no longer visible in the online portal for the summer semester 2021, a withdrawal was also entered.

Please note: The special regulation does not apply if a module was assessed as failed due to an attempted cheat. In these cases, the examination attempt is deemed to have been made. No withdrawal will be booked. The 5.0 remains valid.

If you have any questions regarding the booking of grades/withdrawals, please do not hesitate to contact your study programme administrator.

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