Transcript of Records

How are the grades announced?
The announcement of grades at the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg only takes place via the online portals. You can call up your examination results via your personal login to the BTU account. You can also usually call up a class index in the online portal (button "Info" next to your examination result).

Where can I find my grades online?
With a valid BTU-Account you can obtain your transcript of records from every computer with an internet access or from the computers in the main building, room 0.27 at main campus.

Access: Online-Portal

How is the online transcript of records formattes and what information is given?
In the transcript of records module examinations are shown together with their status, attempts, grades, credits, dates of the examination and admission respectively. Students taking a degree programme that is not modularized can obtain a simple transcript of records. The performance verifications of this simple transcript of records are monolingual. A verified transcript of records is issued.

Students taking a modularized degree programme according to the frameworks for bachelor and master degree programmes from October, 8th 2004 will get a detailed bilingual transcript of records in German and English. The modul examinations are ordered in accordance to the examination regulation, according to module type, similar to the structure in the online registration.

Transcripts from previous degree programmes and examination regulations will create you the registrar's office.

Students with a 6-digit enrolment number please refer to the account information.

Please ask at the registrar's office, if you have any questions concerning the data on your transcript of records.