Graduation Senftenberg

Congratulations to all graduates in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering and biotechnology from the Senftenberg campus

On 13.10.2023 a graduation was celebrated at the campus Senftenberg. Besides the music of Chris Lunatis, there were congratulations and the presentation of certificates by Prof. Dr. Kathrin Lehmann, Prof. Dr. Sylvio Simon and the academic staff member Steffen Wichmann for the engineering subjects. The ceremonial address was held by academic staff member Stephan Hernschier. And for biotechnology, Prof. Dr. Ursula Anderer together with Prof. Dr. Peter Schierack said goodbye to the graduates. The graduate Lisa Postelt from Biotechnology gave a speech of thanks on behalf of all graduates.

The Alumni-Office joins the warm words of Prof. Dr. Kathrin Lehmann, who said in her speech: "Don't lose sight of us! If we want to, we will meet more than twice in a lifetime! And the paths have a common piece every now and then!"

So that we can stay in touch, all alumni are cordially invited to sign up for the alumni mailing list at


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BTU Graduierte in Senftenberg
Graduierung in Senftenberg
Musikerin Chris Lunatis
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