Guest Auditor

Guests interested in furthering their educations may be granted admission to register for individual modules/courses at the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg if the student capacity of those modules/courses permits.

Guest auditor

The regulations in the Enrolment Regulations of the BTU Cottbus apply to guest auditors on the Main Campus in Cottbus. One may not register for more than eight weekly course hours per semester (SWS).

How do I acquire admission to be a guest auditor?

The Request for admission as a guest auditor is to be submitted to Student Services on time – no later than one month after the start of the lecture period (see the Schedule of Events). An application may only be submitted for one semester at a time.
A guest auditor fee based on the current fee regulations of the BTU applies for admission as a guest auditor. A remittance slip for the payment of this fee will be sent to you per postal mail. After the payment of the fee has been booked by the university, you will receive a guest auditor certificate. Possession of this certificate authorizes you to attend the modules/courses named on the certificate.
What is the fee to be a guest auditor?

The fee depends on the number of weekly course hours per semester (SWS) for which you are registered:
1 - 2 SWS    € 10.00
3 - 4 SWS     € 17.50
5 - 6 SWS    € 25.00
7 - 10 SWS    € 30.00

Where can I learn about the academic offerings of the BTU’s Main Campus, including when and where courses take place?

All of the information you should need can be found in the Info Portal: Teaching.

Who provides certification of my study and examination achievements for the modules/courses I take?

Upon request, a person responsible for a module/course, such as an instructor, can provide certification of your study and examination achievements on your guest auditor certificate.

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