Application for Master's study programmes with German higher education degrees

When applying to study at the BTU, please be aware that there are study programmes with and without admission limits (numerus clausus (NC)). Which application modalities apply depends on the chosen study programme.

Deadlines for applications for the Winter Semester 2022/2023:

Master's study programme Biotechnology and Social Work (1st semester) with admission restriction:15th July 2022
Master's study programmes without admission restriction:31st August 2022

Further deadlines can be found in the schedule.
1. What requirements do I need to fulfil?

Additionally for further education master study programmes (Urban Design – Revitalization of Historic City Districts; Forensic Sciences and Engineering and Wirtschaftsrecht für Technologieunternehmen):

  • Proof of at least one year of professional employment

Additionally for English language study programmes:

  • TOEFL Test (iBT) with a score of at least 79 points OR equivalent,
  • such as proof of language skills according to the Enrolment Regulations and subject-specific Examination and Study Regulations
2. Where, when and how do I apply?

From 20th April 2022 prospective students with German higher education degrees can apply for the winter semester 2022/2023

In 3 steps to the successful application:

Step 1 - Preparation

It is helpful if you have the necessary documents at hand to specify average grades or periods for example. Therefore, have your academic degree / current grading overview and subject-specific documents (e. g. proof of your professional experience) ready.

You also need certain documents as a file (PDF, JPG, TIF, PNG, GIF up to 9.9 MB) for uploading.

Step 2 - Register now on myBTU

First, you need to register in the myBTU portal. Please fill in all required fields. After self-registration, you will receive a message to the e-mail address you have specified, describing how to proceed. This message contains your user data that you can use to log in to myBTU later.

Step 3 - Apply via myBTU

You will be guided through the application by an assistant. All mandatory information is indicated by an asterisk (*). For help on individual input fields, click on the "Info" icon. If you still have technical or technical questions, please contact the points listed under "Help and Support". You can interrupt the application at any time and resume it later if you must recalculate information. Your previous information is retained.

In addition to specifying the desired study programme, your application also includes your data on the Master's entrance qualification (usually a Bachelor's degree certificate) and, if applicable, information on services rendered, professional experience or other requests, e.g. for hardship.

With the function "Print control sheet" you can control all your entered data.

You can get an overview of the status of the individual applications via myBTU.

You can only process the application and the related information before finalizing it by clicking on "Apply". Thereafter, changes can only be made after the application has been withdrawn, and the application will not be processed by the university until it is re-issued!

3. What documents do I need to submit?

The following documents (admission relevant documents) must be uploaded to the myBTU portal during the application process (valid file formats PDF, JPG, TIF, PNG, GIF max. 9.9 MB):

  • Up-to-date curriculum vitae
  • Copy of your identity card or passport
  • Copy of a document proving the completion of a bachelor or higher level degree – If the degree is not yet completed, then submit a certified copy of your transcript of records with a current overall average grade. An official copy of the bachelor certificate is to be turned in at the latest upon enrolment.
  • for the limited admission Master's programmes in Biotechnology and Social Work:
    if applicable, proof of service rendered
    if applicable, evidence of the hardship application (Information on the hardship case application can be found in our leaflet)
    if applicable, evidence of preferential admission (prior notice of admission or notice of restitution)
  • for the Master's programme in Architecture:
    Portfolio and
    Form Self-Documentation
  • for the Master's programme in Biotechnology:
    Proof of a practical laboratory activity of at least
    18 weeks and
    Proof of Bachelor thesis in German or English language
  • English language study programmes:
    Proof of English language skills 
  • German language study programmes:
    Proof of German language skills (if applicable)
  • Additionally for furthering education master study programmes: Proof of at least one year of professional employment 

Further education master study programmes are: Urban Design, Forensic Sciences and Engineering and Business Law for Technology Companies.

Once admission has been granted and after you have completed the online enrolment, your data will be stored. For successful enrolment at the BTU, the following documents (documents relevant to enrolment) must be submitted:

  • signed application for enrolment
  • a coloured passport photo
    (1 passport photo for the student identity card must already be uploaded during online enrolment)
  • Proof of health insurance (electronic notification of the health insurance company)
  • For university transfers within Germany: Certificate of removal from the register of students  for university transfers within Germany and certificate of non-objection  (proof of entitlement to examination)
  • if applicable, visa for study purposes (priority for all non-EU citizens)

At the end, please send the enrolment application and the documents relevant to enrolment by e-mail (immatrikulation(at)

4. What happens next in the application process?

Your application will be processed as soon as possible. You can expect a processing time of around one week. The status of your application can be tracked at any time via myBTU. If we have any further questions for you, we will get in touch with you via the myBTU or by e-mail. Please check your myBTU portal and your mailbox regularly. 

The creation of notices (e.g. letter of admission, letter of rejection) is carried out completely by automatic facilities in myBTU. A notice made available for retrieval on the myBTU portal shall be deemed to have been issued on the third day after the electronic notification of the provision of the data has been sent. It is therefore legally binding. The data will not be sent by post.

To verify your notification, enter the verification number and press the button. If the number is valid, you will receive the notification as a download for comparison.

Then accept the offer of admission and submit your application of enrollment online. All information about enrolment can be found in the application of enrolment, which you can print out at the end of the online enrolment and submit it together with the enrolment-relevant documents by e-mail (immatrikulation(at)