Study support - get started quickly and smoothly

The college's offer for the introductory phase of studies sets the course for your future academic success. Personal offers (peer group mentoring) in the first semester support you in mastering the new demands of university studies. Semester-accompanying offers also fund continuous self-study: tutorials in small groups, supervision by mentors and homework support.

The courses offered in the introductory phase of studies give you the opportunity to review the lecture material and to internalise it through exercises. Comprehension problems can be discussed and resolved. In particular, contact with study groups and college teachers will provide you with significant support during intensive study and examination periods.

Lay the foundation for successful studies!

  • Tutorials in small groups
    Already in the first weeks after the start of your studies, tutorials offer you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the course material during the lectures. The exchange with your fellow students will also be a great help.
  • Homework supervision
    Through exercises or working on homework together, you can consolidate the newly acquired knowledge and practise its application.
  • Supervision by mentors
    Benefit from the interaction with students from higher semesters and the course instructors of the preliminary courses and gather valuable tips for successful studies! Whether for specific exam preparation or for general questions about the organisation of your studies, our mentors are there to support you.