Scalability The modular structure makes the power of the T-cell scalable and, together with the fuel flexibility, ensures a variety of application options.

The T-cell can be designed in performance classes from 250 kilowatts to 1.5 megawatts. It can be used to meet demand from an estate of detached houses to large-scale supply in the city or in the transport sector.

In addition to its decentralised operation, the T-cell can be combined in a cluster and operated with the performance of a power plant to meet energy demand on a national scale. Thanks to its modular structure, the T-cell is reliable and highly flexible in terms of performance.

Maximum efficiency is achieved in locations where both the electricity and the waste heat can be used, for example as process heat or for air conditioning. An interconnected energy supply is also conceivable, in which the industrial complex uses a significant proportion of the electricity whilst the waste heat serves as an urban district heating supply, as heating for greenhouses or as air conditioning for hospitals, production plants or sociocultural facilities.