In Germany, children from the age of one have a legal right to childcare. This legal claim can be fulfilled by a childcare place in a day care center or in day care. You can find out about daycare centers and other childcare options from the city administrations of Cottbus and Senftenberg or from the responsible administrative department of your own place of residence.

Daycare center of the Studentenwerk Frankfurt (Oder)

The day care center supported by the Studentenwerk is located directly on the central campus. Currently, up to 125 children aged 8 weeks are looked after there until they start school. The facility is open on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. Day care center of the Studentenwerk.

Universitätsstraße 21
03046 Cottbus
Kita-Leitung: Mrs. Veit
T +49 (0)355 782 155 6

Babysitter exchange of the Johanniter

Working and studying parents in particular quickly run into scheduling problems. Qualified and supervised carers step in and pick up the children from the after-school care center, for example, when it gets late at work, or take care of the children when the parents have to make other appointments.

By the way: The Johanniter are always looking for new babysitters. Anyone who is interested can also contact Sybille Kloss.

Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.V.

Regionalverband Südbrandenburg
Werner-Seelenbinder-Ring 44
03048 Cottbus
Sybille Kloss
T +49 (0)355 477 461 42
sybille.kloss(at) jugendbetreuung/kinderbetreuung-babysitting

Youth counseling and family center "Haus Jule"

Project ,, Daycare Entry: Building Bridges in Early Education ”

Early education lays the foundation on which all further learning and development processes of a child are based. The “Kita-Entry” program supports access to child daycare through low-threshold offers, providing insights into the daycare system and informing families about the opportunities of early education.

Project "Quarter Runner Ströbitz"

As part of the "Ströbitz consultation hour", citizens are supported in their concerns or referred to the appropriate responsible bodies. The subject area for consulting contexts is broad (e.g. family, culture and education, migration, school & daycare, health, finance, work & work). Citizens are supported in the design of their living conditions for a worth living together within the district. This also includes e.g. the installation of leisure activities for target groups of any kind or events such as district festivals, district discussions etc. as well as the recording of needs within the district.

Conference childcare and play areas at events

Offering childcare at conferences enables some parents to participate in the first place. The family office of the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg advises and supports organizing professorships or institutions in organizing a childcare offer or a children's corner.

Family orientation and equal opportunities have become important criteria for funding in research funding so that childcare costs can be included in the project application.

Childcare surcharges

Childcare surcharges are granted to BTU employees if additional childcare is required due to participation in scientific and university-related conferences, such as in the evening, at the weekend or outside of childcare hours. Appropriate applications can be made to the family office by November 15 at the latest. If more applications are submitted than funds are available, a working group decides on the approval.