Congratulations on your pregnancy!

According to the Maternity Protection Act (MuSchG), pregnant and breastfeeding students are entitled to a six-week protection period before and at least eight weeks after birth.

This includes, in particular, a relative ban on examinations, the exemption for examinations and breastfeeding, as well as restrictions or bans on activities during studies for pregnant / breastfeeding students. Please report your pregnancy to the family office as early as possible using the „Notification of pregnancy“ form and submit the mother's passport. If this has not yet been issued, please submit it.

However, you still have the right to take exams or, for example, events during maternity leave if you expressly waive your property rights. The declaration can be revoked at any time.

Since some courses as part of the course can pose health risks for you or your pregnancy. This applies in particular to internships, workshop or laboratory activities, excursions, field internships or sports seminars. In order to be able to assess these dangers, it is necessary that your course director draws up a risk assessment.