Current information on handling and effects of the corona pandemic Questions and answers for members of the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg

In dealing with the corona virus (SARS-CoV-2), the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg is guided by the general recommendations for action of the federal government, the state and the local health authorities, and makes appropriate decisions for the BTU, with the protection of BTU employees, students and guests being the main focus.
A crisis management team has been set up at the BTU to ensure a continuous assessment of the situation. The crisis management team keeps employees and students continuously informed about current developments and decisions.

Pandemic Action Guidelines of the BTU

New informations

27th July 2021: Information about the examination weeks

Dear students,

The summer semester is coming to an end and now the demanding examination period is in front of you. In order to provide the best possible corona protection during the presence exams, we would like to inform you about the following regulations established for the exams at the BTU:

  • For the first attendance examination in one of the two examination weeks, one of the three: vaccinated, recovered or tested must be proven to the examination staff.
  • You can provide proof of this with your (digital) proof of vaccination or convalescence or negative rapid test results in front of the examination room; rapid test centers can be found at:
  • If your individual examinations take place in both examination weeks, you need the proof of a negative coronatest in each week in each case before the first presence examination.
  • As proof it is sufficient if you independently perform an existing PoC antigen test for self-administration (self-test) and certify the negative test result on the attached form by your signature.
  • If you take part in several presence tests in one week, then you bring the proof (your completed form) to each of these tests again in this week; the same applies to the vaccination and convalescence proof.

The above arrangements will allow you to plan for the upcoming exam period. Please arrange your time for the proof examination and be at the examination site well in advance. Separate instructions will be issued for the second examination period in September, depending on the conditions that apply at that time.

As before, medical masks must be worn in BTU buildings and may be removed at the seat if the minimum distance is maintained.

Stay healthy and take advantage of the many vaccination opportunities to protect yourself and those around you!

I wish you the best of luck on your exams!

With kind regards

Prof. Gesine Grande

Krisenstab / Crisis Management Team


Juni 23th, 2021: Free vaccination capacities for students and employees of the BTU

The Vaccination Coordination Office of the City of Cottbus has informed us that there is currently free appointment capacity at the Cottbus Messehalle Vaccination Center (Vorparkstraße 3, 03042 Cottbus) and that employees and students (regardless of BTU campus) who are willing to be vaccinated can therefore book an appointment for vaccination at the link It should be noted that the only way to access the vaccination appointments is via the referral code (Vermittlungscode). However, this can be requested without any problems via "no (check entitlement/Anspruch prüfen)" and "yes (group of persons entitled to vaccination/Impfberechtigte Personengruppe)". 

Juni 16th, 2021: Information on the new regulations ordinance

Dear employees, dear students,

in the past few weeks, you have shown a high degree of flexibility and acceptance of the changing regulations, especially when it comes to teaching courses. I would like to expressly thank you once again for this.

The incidence figures have decreased encouragingly throughout the state of Brandenburg, which brings with it a further reduction in Corona-related restrictions. Yesterday, with effect from today, the state government also issued corresponding legal regulations on this with the handling ordinance, which I would like to inform you about below.

As of today:

  • The obligation to wear a medical mask will no longer apply in all outdoor areas.
  • Classroom teaching events can take place, irrespective of the compelling necessity or type of event, without concrete limitation of the number of persons, but still in compliance with the distance requirement.
  • Medical masks must continue to be worn in the rooms/buildings of the BTU, but can be removed at the seat if the distance requirement is observed.
  • Since the 7-day incidence in the respective counties and Cottbus is sustainably below 20 (, the corona test requirement does not apply to attendance events. Only if the 7-day incidence of 20 is exceeded on 5 consecutive days, the testing obligation applies again. You will be informed about this separately by the crisis team, with the regulations that will then apply.
  • For open-air events (i.e., also BTU goes Open Air), the testing obligation does not apply even if the incidence values are >20
  • Singing lessons and playing wind instruments outdoors may take place if the distance of 2 m is observed. Only one-on-one lessons may take place indoors.
  • Electronic contact tracking for all BTU events and activities must continue to be used.

Until June 30, the regulations of the Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance and the Infection Control Act are still in effect.

Stay healthy!

With best regards

Gesine Grande

Krisenstab / Crisis Management Team


May 12th, 2021: Current information on face to face teaching

Dear teachers, dear students,

I am pleased to inform you that with the entry of the „Siebten SARS-CoV-2-Eindämmungsverordnung“ updated by the state government, options for expanding face-to-face teaching have been created. Specifically, this means that face-to-face courses with up to 15 participants each are possible. A limit of 50 participants applies to events for the performance and preparation of examinations as well as events that require mandatory presence (esp. laboratory work, studio work). 

As before, lecturers and students may only participate in attendance events if they do not present any symptoms of a possible Covid 19 disease.      

At the same time, new additional obligations for the safe delivery of face-to-face events go hand in hand with the expansion possibilities of face-to-face events. From now on, all teachers and students have to prove the result of a negative coronatest (rapid test) at attendance events. Since the regulations issued by the state government went into effect at very short notice, the BTU has not yet established its own procedure for testing and providing proof. The crisis team is working intensively on the creation of a practicable procedure.

In order to continue to allow face-to-face offerings at the BTU until our own process is established, I must ask you to observe the following guidelines:

1. lecturers and students take a rapid test at public testing centers (so-called citizen testing centers) on their own responsibility and have a test certificate issued.

a.  The test certificate (negative test result) must be available before the start of the first course of the respective attendance day and must not be older than 24 hours.

b.  An overview of public testing centers can be found at

2. students present their respective test record to the instructors at the beginning of the course. Lecturers will provide appropriate proof of testing to the dean's offices/associate dean's offices or central academic institution administrators.

3. the presentation of a negative test certificate is a condition for the continued voluntary participation in attendance events.

I have the utmost respect for your commitment so far and your willingness to always face new framework conditions! You help our students and our university. For this, my heartfelt thanks. The regulations allow a presence in a now more practical size based on a comprehensive testing strategy. To make this possible, I ask for your active cooperation and support. As soon as new procedural options are worked out, I will inform you about this immediately.

Stay healthy!

With best regards

Gesine Grande

Crisis Management Team


Reporting Mechanism in Quarantine Cases

In the event of a quarantine case, measures must be agreed between superiors and employees to check whether and which activities can be carried out from home. All superiors should report any quarantine cases to human resources:

krisenstab+personal(at) (T: 0355/69-2166)

The Robert Koch Institute continuously updates the international risk areas and recommendations for action. For the latest information, please also refer to the Robert Koch Institute's website at

Current information and regulations in Brandenburg in connection with the corona pandemic: Regulation on measures to contain the corona virus SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 in Brandenburg (German only, updated on 1 June 2021)

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