Current information on handling and effects of the corona pandemic Questions and answers for members of the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg

In dealing with the corona virus (SARS-CoV-2), the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg is guided by the general recommendations for action of the federal government, the state and the local health authorities, and makes appropriate decisions for the BTU, with the protection of BTU employees, students and guests being the main focus.
A crisis management team has been set up at the BTU to ensure a continuous assessment of the situation. The crisis management team keeps employees and students continuously informed about current developments and decisions.

Pandemic Action Guidelines of the BTU

New informations

April 4, 2022: Current regulations for handling coronavirus at BTU.

Dear employees

dear colleagues

dear students

in order to be able to ensure the summer semester in attendance with good health protection, it is necessary for all of us, in addition to our strengthened personal responsibility, to observe the following rules:

  1. the obligation to wear a medical mask still applies in all BTU buildings. This obligation is waived if the minimum distance of 1.50 meters can be maintained at fixed locations or if the nature of the (teaching) event does not permit it.
  2. the 3G proof in teaching is omitted for teachers and students
  3. in case of a coronapositive (self-)test result and/or in case of coronatypical disease symptoms which are not caused by other diseases, please do not enter the university campus. In this case, please use the opportunity for home office after consultation with your supervisors or your instructors.

Protect yourself and others by following the proven AHA+L hygiene formula in your private and university environment.

The hygiene concept of the BTU will be adapted accordingly.

Note for employees: From now on, one test per week will be distributed at the known distribution points for Corona rapid tests.

Stay healthy!

Yours sincerely, Prof. Gesine Grande

Crisis Management Team

23th November 2021: current information on 3G verification at the workplace

Dear colleagues, Dear employees,

as already announced, the new Infection Protection Act will come into force tomorrow, bringing further challenges for classroom teaching and to ensure university operations. In the following, we will go into the most important regulations and clarify some formulations.

Verification of the 3G regulation at the place of work comes into force

As of 24.11.2021, the 3G regulation in workplaces in accordance with Section 28b (1) of the Infection Protection Act comes into force and becomes effective for all employees (employees, civil servants, trainees, etc.).

This means that the other regulations in the President's e-mail dated 19.11.2021 will also come into force for employees and supervisors.

Due to inquiries in the meantime regarding the type of approved test to be submitted to the supervisors, it is confirmed that alone

  • a PCR test, as long as the testing has not taken place more than 48 hours ago, or
  • a so-called citizen test, as far as the testing does not date back more than 24 hours are permitted.

Proof by means of self-testing in front of the supervisors or their representatives is not permitted.

Citizen testing means testing available at a public testing center with confirmation of the result in paper or electronic form.

All BTU employees are required to carry appropriate proof of 3G status in the BTU and present it to the authorized authority in the event of an inspection.

Events at the BTU with external participants

For events at the BTU whose group of participants exceeds employees and students of the BTU, it is specified with immediate effect that these events may only be held under status 2G for all participants.

Business trips

The increasing incidence of infections within Germany, but also outside of Germany, unfortunately means that business trips must also be checked for their compelling necessity and digital formats must be considered as a substitute. This means that business trips which are absolutely necessary can still be carried out. However, in view of the declared goal of continuing to enable face-to-face teaching at the BTU, reduced travel should be considered in order to avoid possible infections and quarantine periods. In this regard, we ask that you work with your supervisors to make an individual assessment in each case of intended business travel. Explicit approvals by the crisis management team are still not required.


In order to further reduce contacts, we ask you to organize your official meetings (meetings, consultations, project meetings, etc.) via online formats if possible. The same applies to meetings with external participants.

Support for the state's vaccination campaign

The state government intends to respond to the current situation in the very short term with its own vaccination campaign, in particular through booster vaccinations at the Cottbus site as well. To this end, the employees of the BTU are called upon by the state government to participate helpfully in these campaigns. During the vaccination campaign, you would be released from your original official duties. You would be active in the areas of admission control, disinfection, checking the information and medical history forms for completeness, telephone service, looking after the vaccinated, keeping attendance lists or making appointments for second vaccinations in the case of first vaccinations. Please respond on very short notice, preferably by 11/26/2021 at the email address krisenstab+personal(at), if you are interested in assisting in the state government's immunization campaign. 

Behavior in case of contact with a corona-positive tested person.  

If you have had contact with a corona-positive tested person, please immediately go into domestic isolation and discuss with your supervisors the possibility of moving work to the home environment. Please then contact your local health department for possible testing requirements or quarantine periods. In the current situation, however, it unfortunately also happens that the health offices no longer inform every contact person and thus do not issue an official quarantine order. In these cases, please still go into domestic isolation and discuss with your supervisors the relocation of work to the home environment. You must be symptom-free before resuming work in attendance, regardless of whether you have had corona yourself or have had contact with someone who has tested corona-positive. The MSGIV summarizes the regulations for returning from quarantine on the website under "Who Must Be Quarantined, When, and For How Long?":

Vaccination offer in Senftenberg

We are pleased to now be able to offer you a contact point for corona vaccination in Senftenberg. The general practice of Dr. Lenke (Lilienweg 15, 01968 Senftenberg) regularly performs corona vaccinations on Mondays from 8-11 am and Thursdays from 2-6 pm without prior appointment. This Saturday (Nov. 27, 2021), those interested can likewise be vaccinated at the practice from 8 a.m.-1 p.m. This offer is open to all BTU students and employees.

Please continue to check with MVZ Dr. Braun for vaccination appointments in Cottbus. They are working to make more appointments available.

Communication channels

If you have any questions about the regulations on 3G verification or home office or about ensuring teaching, you can also contact the BTU hotlines, which are still active:

Administration T +49(0)355 69 1303 krisenstab+verwaltung(at)

Teaching and Studies T +49(0)355 69 1302 krisenstab+studium(at)

(Monday to Friday, 9 am to 3 pm)

Thank you very much for your dedicated cooperation and support in keeping the BTU running. We will continue to provide you with up-to-date information. Stay healthy!

With kind regards     

Krisenstab / Crisis Management Team


Reporting Mechanism in Quarantine Cases

In the event of a quarantine case, measures must be agreed between superiors and employees to check whether and which activities can be carried out from home. All superiors should report any quarantine cases to human resources:

krisenstab+personal(at) (T: 0355/69-2166)

The Robert Koch Institute continuously updates the international risk areas and recommendations for action. For the latest information, please also refer to the Robert Koch Institute's website at

Current information and regulations in Brandenburg in connection with the corona pandemic: Regulation in Brandenburg(German only, updated 04/2022)