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  • Is there a documentation / manual for the web app?

    Yes, at the Infopage on the Web-App BTU-Kontaktnachverfolgung you will find the versions for Android and iOS (for the time being only in German versions)

  • How many rooms can be found in the app?

    More than 3000, office rooms included. The QR-code you will find at lecture halls only (around 450 rooms and halls).

  • Is the provision of personal data voluntary?

    No, due to legal regulations the university must store the data for the purpose of contact tracing

  • What options do I have if students, staff or guests do not want to register via the web app when entering a room?

    • The President has transferred the right of the house to teachers.
    • Persons may be denied access.
    • Teachers can refuse face-to-face teaching and switch to online seminars - teachers are entitled to cancel face-to-face teaching.
    • In case of escalation the security service can be called.
  • Do I also have to register in my own office/lab?

    Yes, the web app evaluates the contacts at BTU in a whole.

  • Does this mean that the paper lists that were previously used in the offices and courses are no longer needed?

    Yes. The paper lists are no longer necessary. However, the occupancy planning for cleaning planning are still necessary.

  • Where will the QR codes be found?

    Event and meeting rooms, seminar rooms, and lecture halls.

  • Why do we need the BTU Contact Tracing web app?

    In accordance with the SARS-CoV-2 Code of Practice of the State of Brandenburg, higher education institutions must record personal data of persons present in university premises for the purpose of contact tracing.

    In the event that a Covid 19 infected person is present in the premises of TH Wildau, we must be able to provide a list of all contact persons within 24 hours upon request of the responsible health authority.

Privacy policy

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  • Who reads the data from the system?

    Four persons of the university management and four persons of the general staff council have been appointed who are authorized to read the data. Of these eight persons, one person of the university administration and one person of the Staff Council will jointly read the list of contacts from the system on the order of the Health Office.

  • For how long will my data be stored?

    4 weeks

  • What is the legal basis for the collection/storage/processing of data?

    We collect and process the personal data in accordance with the SARS-CoV-2 Ordinance of the State of Brandenburg.

    A summary of the responsible Ministry of Science, Research and Culture, under which conditions attendance events can be held at Brandenburg universities, can be found at:  (accessed on 02.10.2020)

  • Which groups of people are affected by the web app?

    Employees, students, guests

  • What data is collected from the respective groups of people?

    • Employees, students: university account ID, surname, first name, e-mail address, room, time
    • Guests: name, surname, telephone number or e-mail address, room, time
  • Will my data be used for any other purpose than that stated?


  • How is my data stored?

    Encrypted on the university's own servers

  • Is the data deleted automatically?

    Yes, after 4 weeks the data is automatically deleted.

  • Who can access the data?

    • internal authorised access: four-eye principle -> member of university management + one representative of the staff council
    • Public Health Office: at the request of the responsible public health office, the contacts (surname, first name, telephone number or e-mail) of the persons concerned during the period specified will be made available.
  • What is the purpose of the BTU Contact Tracing web app?

     Contact tracing in case of a request by the public health department in case of a positive COVID-19 test of a person who has been applied in the premises of the BTU during a certain period.

Technical Information & Content

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  • Is there a hotline if there are problems or I have questions?

    Yes, a ticket system is available by e-mail at it-support(at)

  • Do I have to use this technical solution or are there alternatives? Because I • do not have a mobile phone • do not have a QR Code scanner or • do not want to use my data volume for this.

    You do not need a mobile device. You can enter your data on any internet-capable terminal at You can also use WIFI eduroam on our campus:

  • A room is missing in the web app. Who can I contact?

    Please register manually in the electronic contact tracking system. You can reach the ticket system by e-mail at it-support(at)b-tu.dexxx

  • There is no QR code at my location. Who can I contact?

    You can reach the ticket system by e-mail at it-support(at)

  • I have accidentally entered incorrect data (e.g. a wrong telephone number). Can I correct this?

  • I forgot to enter my details before entering the premises. What should I do now?

    Use the web app and enter your data afterwards: 

  • How do I register?

    It is best to refer to the Web App documentation at our page on the Web-App BTU-Kontaktnachverfolgung you will find the versions for Android and iOS (for the time being only in German versions)

  • I have accidentally logged into a wrong room. What to do?

    • Click directly again on "Leave room" and log in again in the correct room.
    • If you notice the mistake later: Editing or deleting is not possible. Leave it at that.
  • Can I enter my planned room visits in advance?

    No; this is not technically possible and not planned.

  • Do I also have to log into a room if I have a short contact, e.g. if I only give something away for a short time?

    If you only enter a room for a short time, for example to hand in documents, you do not need to log into the room.

    If you stay in the room for more than 10 minutes, please log in.

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