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  • Notes on the ventilation of rooms at the BTU

    In the course of using rooms at the BTU during the ongoing corona pandemic, regular and adequate air exchange must be ensured. For this purpose, the following recommendations should be observed, which will ensure adequate air exchange:

    •   During physically light activity such as office work or teaching, increase ventilation by constantly tilting windows or shock ventilation.
    •   Always ventilate at the beginning of the activity and then regularly:
      •         Office rooms with normal occupancy (8-10 m² per user) shock ventilation at least every 30 minutes.
      •         seminar rooms with more than 15 users: at least every 20 minutes.
    •    depending on the season, the airing time should not be less than 10 minutes in summer and 3 minutes in winter.
    •    if the windows in seminar rooms are constantly tilted, shock ventilation should take place every 45 minutes after each unit, but at least every 60 minutes additional air circulation systems are only a supplement to the above recommendations.

    In addition, the ventilation calculator recommended by the Federal Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Family can provide assistance in the correct ventilation of rooms. The ventilation calculator is available at the following link:

    If you still have unanswered questions about the specific ventilation behavior in individual rooms, you may also consider consulting the relevant occupational safety specialist. Please contact the person responsible directly.

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  • Is it compulsory to wear a mouth and nose cover (MNB) in BTU buildings?

    Yes, the wearing of medical masks (e.g. surgical masks) is mandatory in all BTU buildings. The obligation to wear masks does not apply if the nature of the educational or training measure does not permit this or if all persons are seated at a fixed seat and a minimum distance of 1.5 meters is maintained between the seats.

    Please also note the information at:

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  • Use of the University Library during the Corona Pandemic

    All current notes can be read here.

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  • How can the staff of the University Library be reached?

    The library staff can be reached on site, by phone or by e-mail. If you have specific questions, we will be happy to advise you as part of our "Ask an Expert" consultation service.

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  • Can I return media to the University Library by mail?

    Yes, that is possible:

    Central Campus:
    BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg / IKMZ,
    University Library
    Platz der Deutschen Einheit 2
    03044 Cottbus

    Location Senftenberg:
    BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg
    Standortbibliothek Senftenberg
    Universitätsplatz 1
    01968 Senftenberg

    Location Sachsendorf:
    BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg
    Standortbibliothek Cottbus-Sachsendorf
    Lipezker Straße 47
    Building 7
    03048 Cottbus

    Please note that there may be delays in the chargeback or account discharge due to the postal service. Please return media in good time before the end of the loan period.

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  • Is it allowed to enter the university despite the order of the presence change and in which period of time are the buildings open?

    As a rule, BTU buildings at all locations are only open to a limited extent during the period of alternating attendance. Working hours on site must be coordinated with the supervisor and documented in the faculty's occupancy plans. This is the only way to ensure that contacts can be traced quickly in response to requests from the health department.
    Special regulations apply for securing and maintaining the IT infrastructure, for securing laboratory tests etc. or for securing real estate.

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  • How are compulsory copies of the dissertation submitted?

    For the submission of print copies and on-site consultation, please make an appointment with the staff of the University Theses Department. Electronic publishing via our Digital Repository is still possible without any problems.

    Information on publishing and contact details can be found on the homepage of the University Library under Publishing.

    Contact: bibliothek.hochschulschriften(at)

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  • How can acquisition requests or media orders be placed?

    Please place orders for both print and online media as usual with the subject specialist responsible for you. After activation of the desired e-book or receipt of the book, you will receive information from us by e-mail.

    Orders for departmental handbooks are also generally placed through the library, as stipulated in the BTU's procurement regulations. Therefore, please contact your subject department first. We will then inform you about the further procedure.

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  • How is mail distributed during online operation and how do I get access to mail and incoming parcels?

    Please note that during the online operation phase, you will primarily use digital means of communication (especially e-mail) for internal and external correspondence.

    External mail addressed to BTU is received centrally at the post offices in Cottbus and Senftenberg. During the online operation phase, incoming mail will be sorted centrally in the post offices and mail addressed to the respective areas will be opened and scanned by specially committed employees. The scanned mail is then sent as a PDF file by e-mail to functional mailboxes in the respective departments (e.g. faculties). From there, the digital mail must be forwarded to the relevant departments.

    If a scan is not readable, please contact (0355) 69-3459.

    Parallel to the scanning operation, the original letter post items are taken to the mailboxes of the buildings once a week on Friday. The weekly distribution of BTU's incoming letter mail from the mailroom only serves the purpose of not creating a stockpile of paper in the mailroom or sports halls.

    External outgoing mail can be deposited in the two mailboxes of the central post offices in Cottbus and Senftenberg. These will be franked and, as known, handed over to the German Post Office.

    Special regulations apply for personally addressed mail according to the valid postal regulations. This mail will not be opened by persons under special obligation. Rather, the persons addressed will be informed about the receipt of the mail and informed about the possibilities of collection.

    Parcels are also accepted centrally and are not opened. The respective addressees of parcels are informed about the parcel in question. In the case of urgent and perishable goods (e.g. chilled goods) a handover can be organized. The parcels are stored centrally and safely until delivery.

    The internal post office exchange between BTU locations takes place twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday. This is where, among other things, book transport for the libraries is secured.

    There is no messenger service or lateral distribution between the organizational units. The familiar electronic channel should be used here.

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