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  • Can ILB-funded EFRE-Projects be extended?

    ILB-funded EFRE-Projects (EU Structural Funds) in the funding lines ProFIT and WTT can be extended in general, but only cost-neutral. To extend a project, an Extension Proposal has to be submitted, in cooperation with BTU’s Unit for External Fund Management (Referat Drittmittelmanagement). The Extension Proposal must include an explanation how Corona has led to a delay in the project and why the project must be extended now. Every proposal will be checked by ILB and WFBB. Nevertheless, an increase of the funding is not possible.

  • Are there specifiv COVID-19 related funding calls or research initiatives?

    The Global Research Council, as well as the EU Commission are listing COVID-19 related funding calls and research initiaves on their web sites.

  • What is changed in the processes of the Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e.V. (FNR)?

    1. Correspondence should, as far as possible, only be in digital form. This means that short proposals, prposals, amendments as well as payment requests, interim statements, proofs of use and reports should be sent as pdf documents by e-mail to the known e-mail addresses of the FNR. The subject should include the funding code and the specific request, e.g. "22153XYZ, Zahlungsanforderung".
    2. Cancellation fees or other cancellation costs incurred in connection with the current Corona pandemic can be recognised as eligible for funding. The beneficiaries are required to pay as little as possible to use cancellations. The project-executing agency FNR must be informed immediately of the result.
    3. The signed paper document will only be requested subsequently if necessary.
    4. Extensions of the term of the project due to credibly justified delays in the project implementation are possible in principle. This also applies in principle to any necessary financial increases and transfers of funds, which will be examined quickly in each individual case.
    5. The deadlines for reports to be submitted will be extended by an appropriate period of time upon request by e-mail. This also applies to the submission of interim financial statements and proof of use.
    6. The recipients of grants or allocations are regularly not responsible for failure to use the funds paid out as soon as possible, when hindered by the effects of coronavirus. In this case, interest is not to be charged and claimed. The recipients of grants or allocations are required to adjust any upcoming requests for funds to reflect changes in project planning.
    7. If trips are cancelled due to the coronavirus, necessary cancellation costs may be reimbursed (cf. §10(2) BRKG).
    8. The deadlines for submission of ongoing announcements will be extended if necessary. The submission deadlines will be more generous for new calls published. Insofar as deadlines in notices are not formulated as preclusive deadlines, it is generally possible to consider applications submitted after the intended submission or application deadline.
    9. Where the written form is mandatory in the grant award procedure, the following ways of transmission may be used in advance:
    • E-mail with a qualified electronic signature or
    • transmission of the signed document by fax / computer fax or
    • Scan or photo of the signed document by e-mail.

    The signed paper document must be submitted subsequently.

    More detailed information can be found here on our Intranet pages (German only).

  • What are the impacts on projects in the Interreg-Programme of the EU?

    Especially cross-border activities funded in the Interreg-Programme of the EU are affected by the containment measures due to the Corona pandemic COVID-19. If planned actions ca not be implemented as planned in the proposal, a case of Force Majeure can be claimed.
    The preconditions for claiming Force Majeure are described in a Note of the Administrative Authority (German only), especially for the Interreg-A-Programme of Brandenburg and Poland. Further updates are given on the website of that programme (German and Polish).
    For the programme Interreg Europe advices are available for the costs of online tools as well as for eligibility of costs for cancelled trips.

  • What situation-related changes are there at the BBSR?

    If you are affected by time delays due to the Corona pandemic, which endanger the successful completion of your project, you can apply for an extension of the implementation period, which is required in written form according to budgetary regulations. You will find a sample application form here, which you should complete in full and send to the funding agency, including the necessary enclosures..

  • What information does the DLR Project Management Agency provide on the corona pandemic?

    The staff of the DLR project management agency can still be reached by e-mail and telephone. All procedures (current funding cases and approvals) will be processed further.

    If you cannot reach your technical or administrative contact person directly by telephone, please use the e-mail contact for a callback. When sending documents (e.g. payment requests), please send a scan by e-mail in parallel with the post for speedy processing.

    Due to the corona pandemic, it may become necessary to adjust the project planning in ongoing projects (in terms of content, time, budget), for example if measures/services are cancelled. Such changes are usually covered by the funding. However, please be sure to discuss these in advance with your responsible consultant.

    List of programms curated by DLR Project Management Agency incl. contact persons

  • What situation-related changes are there in procedures for project funding from BMEL funds (project management agency ptble)?

    Until further notice, the funding procedures will be adapted to the needs of increased homeworking and communication will be switched to (exclusively) digital communication.

    In correspondence please communicate from now on and as far as possible only by e-mail. This means that from now on payment requests, interim statements, applications and amendments as well as statements of use (as pdf-document) have to be sent by e-mail. These letters are acknowledged as legally effective. The same applies to documents submitted via profi-Online. Reports on the interim statement as well as the statement of use must also be submitted in electronic form as a file (unprotected PDF).

    Please use the following e-mail address:

    EU-Forschungsvorhaben (ERA)

    projektfoerderung.forschung(at) und ERA(at) (Please always send to both addresses!)

    Enter the funding code and your request in the subject line: e. g. „28XXERAXXX, Payment request“.

    Programm zur Innovationsförderung


    Enter the funding code and your request in the subject line: e. g. „281B2XYZJJ, Payment request“.

    Modellvorhaben im Bereich der Biologischen Vielfalt


    Enter the funding code and your request in the subject line: e.g. „2819BM0123, Payment request“.

    If you have any technical questions, please contact your known contact persons in the BLE as usual. Cancellation fees or other default costs incurred in connection with Corona crisis can be recognised as eligible for funding. The BLE must be informed immediately.

    Up-to-date information on the adaptation of working methods and funding procedures is provided by the project management agency ptble under this link.

  • What information does the DAAD provide regarding the corona pandemic?

    The DAAD is reacting to the dynamic situation by making the following adjustments in its funding business:

    • German DAAD scholarship holders and applicants can return to Germany at the expense of the DAAD. The start of the scholarship for scholarships abroad must be postponed due to the situation.
    • international scholarship holders and applicants cannot take up the Individual scholarships for studying in Germany for the summer semester 2020. The funding of scholarship holders who cannot return to their home country due to travel restrictions will be extended.
    • for ERASMUS grant holders, the EU Commission has announced that in the event of changes in travel plans (return, cancellation), costs can be reimbursed up to the amount of the total scholarship agreed upon in advance.
    • or Erasmus+ funded individual mobilities and projects, the EU Commission has accepted in principle the reimbursement of travel and event costs due to the spread of the virus under the rules of "force majeure".

    Further current information can be found here.

  • What effects does the corona crisis have on BMBF research funding?

    The department „Interaktive Technologien für Gesundheit und Lebensqualität“ (616) in the BMBF and the project management agency VDI/VDE-IT can still be reached and are contact persons for situation-related difficulties.   

    Payment requests can be submitted on a weekly or monthly basis, which is not usual. All documents such as payment requests, amendments, proofs, reports, etc. can be submitted simply by e-mail. Documents that require a signature should be sent as a scan of the signed document or as a file that has/contains an electronic signature. Please submit the originals by post as soon as possible. If you are unable to meet important deadlines for the submission of documents, please contact the contact persons at the project management organisation you know in good time! If trips that have already been planned and booked are cancelled, necessary cancellation costs can be reimbursed via the projects.

    Further information

  • How can I contact Project Management Jülich during the corona crisis (e.g. EXIST hotline)?

    Until 19 April 2020, Forschungszentrum Jülich and the project management agency will probably only operate in basic mode ( It is no longer possible to reach the contact persons you know by telephone. This also applies to the EXIST hotline.  

    Therefore, please always send an e-mail to the respective technical and administrative staff or alternatively to the mailing list (ptj-exist-gruenderstipendium(at), ptj-exist-forschungstransfer(at), ptj-exist-gruendungskultur(at) if you need to talk to them or need clarification. If you do not know a contact person at PtJ, please send an e-mail to info(at)

    You can find all central contact persons for the supported funding programmes at Until 19.04.2020, payment requests and proofs of payment can also be transmitted digitally by e-mail as scanned documents with a legally binding signature. The originals must be submitted subsequently by post.

  • How is the management of third-party funded projects ensured?

    The colleagues in the External Funding Management department have been ensuring the timely management of externally funded projects from their home office since 24.03.2020. However, delays may occur during project processing if access to "offline documents" (e.g. project files in the offices) is required for processing. We ask for your kind cooperation in these cases. Please contact our colleagues mainly by e-mail using the known contact details of the External Funding Management Unit (German only). Of course, it is also possible to contact us by telephone.

  • Can orders and procurements still be carried out within third-party funded projects?

    In order to ensure emergency operation, you are requested to limit orders and procurements to an absolutely necessary minimum to maintain research/project operations. This will help to maintaining emergency operation in the accounting department. Please also take into account, that internal post will be processed online only.


  • What has changed in the examination of Proposals and offers (third-party funding)?

    Proposals and offers (for third-party funds) were previously submitted as paper version to the External Funding Management unit and processed as part of the proposal and contract review of third-party funds (German only). Proposals and offers can be submitted online for review since April 9, 2020. Using a web form (access only with VPN client), all information and attachments can be added to the process and sent for further processing (explanation of web form).
    Please note that delays must be taken into account when submitting proposals and offers by post, as the distribution of mail is limited in-house and is organised via a scanning process at the central post office. Since March 24, 2020, the mailboxes of the External Funding Management department have been checked with delay, as most of the colleagues of the External Funding Management department are working in home offices since March 24, 2020.
    If you have any further questions regarding the proposal and contract review (third-party funds), please contact Ms. Diana Nentwich (diana.nentwich(at)

  • What is the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on funding in EU programmes?

    The EU Commission provides continuously updated FAQs on this subject in the Funding&Tender Portal. At the moment, the portal answers questions on the extension of submission deadlines, on how to deal with obligations that can no longer be met due to containment measures, and on the billability of costs incurred, e.g. for cancelled conferences and meetings. Close coordination with the respective project officer is requested.
    If you have any further questions, please contact the EU speaker Dr. Patrick Hoffmann (patrick.hoffmann(at) or the project officer of the External Funding Management Department, Ms Beate Richter (richter(at)

    Furthermore, the EU Commission has launched the website "European Research Area (ERA) Corona Platform", which lists Calls and Topics with extended deadlines, and gives useful links to Coronavirus Research Initiatives.

  • What impact does the coronavirus pandemic have on the activities of the DFG?

    Since Wednesday, 18 March, the vast majority of employees at the DFG Head Office have been working in the Home Office. The DFG's funding activities are to be continued with as few restrictions as possible.

    In a letter to the funding recipients, the DFG has provided initial information on the progress of project work and funding in light of the coronavirus pandemic. You can find the letter here.

    Researchers involved in DFG-funded projects, as well as persons involved in reviews and other funding processes, are requested to contact their respective supervisors at the DFG Head Office directly if they have any questions:

    Otherwise, the project manager of the Department of External Funding Management, Ms. Tina Bandow, will be happy to answer questions about your current DFG project (please send inquiries preferably by e-mail to tina.bandow(at)

    All continuously updated information at a glance is now available on the DFG Website. In the information portal, target group-specific accesses address, among others, funding recipients and committee members. Overviews of current research on the topic or international collaborations and calls for proposals complete the offer. If you have any questions, please contact the DFG Research Officer at BTU, Dr. Katrin Weise (E katrin.weise(at)