For interested persons

We are pleased that you have shown an interest in applying for a professorship or a junior professorship at our university; please find all of the information you require below.

As a family-focused university, we aim to support couples with dual careers, offering them a place where they can both live and work.

Further information about Cottbus, Senftenberg and the surrounding region can also be found on our pages for newly appointed professors.

Application process

The current advertisements for junior professorships and professorships at BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg can be found on the “Job Vacancies” page of our website. We also provide an overview of all ongoing appointment processes.

You can find information on the legal basis here (either as a PDF download or via a link to the Official Gazette of the BTU or to BRAVORS - in German language only).

Sequence of events in an appointment process

  1. Application deadline
  2. Selection for and conduct of the presentations that are open to all members of the university
  3. Evaluation by external examiners
  4. Nomination for appointment
  5. University board decision on nomination for appointment
  6. Appointment offer by the acting president
  7. Contract negotiation process
  8. Appointment by the minister

Following appointment offer

You have been successfully appointed to a professorship or a junior professorship at the BTU: We look forward to successfully negotiating your contract with you!

As part of the process, you will have the opportunity to state what resources you will require for your (junior) professorship and to discuss your contract of employment.

Please come to an agreement with your faculty dean regarding resources, and what you will be teaching and researching, before the meeting takes place.

You will find a leaflet here containing answers to the questions you might have while you are preparing for the contract negotiation meeting.

Appointment and employment

We are pleased that you have decided to accept your appointment to a professorship or junior professorship at our university.

You will be appointed and employed by the Ministry of Science, Research and Culture of the State of Brandenburg in Potsdam. The ministry will also invite you to present your certificate of appointment (tenured, civil service post) or to sign your employment contract (non-tenured, fixed-term post).

In preparation for this meeting, we kindly request that you provide the following documents in a timely manner (usually at least 10 days in advance) in addition to accepting the appointment:

  • a signed record of appointment
  • certified copies of degrees and other certificates
  • an official certificate of good conduct
  • a medical assessment (not for employment as a salaried employee).

You are welcome to bring your family with you to this important meeting - please let us or the ministry know in advance.

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