Legal bases

Legal bases (partly with BTU online account and only in German language)

Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg (BTU) is a young, research-led university of technology that combines features of both traditional universities and universities of applied sciences.

In line with the guiding principles set out in the 2015 University Development Plan

  • excellent, nationally and pan-regionally recognised research based on the criteria for good scholarly practice and the criteria in the research-led equal opportunities standards published by the German Research Council (DFG),
  • independence and integrity of research,
  • support for research projects undertaken for civil purposes,
  • close interlinking of fundamental and applied research,
  • close interlinking of teaching and research,
  • a diverse, open and modern range of courses that goes from combining learning and work to ensuring young academics gain qualifications,

brought together in the goal of aligning science, technology, culture and education with the needs of, and for the benefit of, society in a sustainable way, appointments represent an important aspect of building an academic profile.

Appointments of university professors and the processes linked to the appointments are therefore of great importance for the university’s overall development, and consequently require special attention.

Our aim is to attract outstanding university professors to the BTU. In order to achieve this, appointment processes must be conducted professionally, quickly and to high standards of quality.