PR/press calendar

We can advise you on successful PR. Various forms are available for using the journalistic media:

  • Press talks/conferences
  • Press information
  • Personal contact with the media, exclusive reporting
  • Press calendar

Press talks/conferences are held under the direction of the president and are only chosen as a format for select research topics of national significance or matters of urgency/considerable topicality relating to university policy.

Press information is intended solely for journalists! Here it is mainly topics which positively contribute to raising the awareness of the university, if possible also beyond the region, which are considered e.g. new research projects/partnerships, occurrences relating to university policy or important events which are good for publicity (Open Day, BTU Ball, conferences). Publication occurs through the Department of Communications and Marketing by means of press mailing lists as well as online in the press information list. As media have their own criteria in the choice of their topics (topicality, regional reference, scope/consequences, unique feature, tension/conflicts/dramatic, prominent figures, curious aspects etc), these need to be taken into consideration when compiling press information.

The Federal Association for University Communication, in which the BTU’s Department of Comminucations and Marketing is an active member, has issued the following information with specific guidelines:

If you already have your own press contacts, you could consider whether to exclusively offer your subject material to a journalist entrusted to you. The media have a great interest in exclusive subjects and this often represents a better option than sending a press release to all media which makes it appear less interesting.

In the press calendar, the department summarises all dates/fixtures and event references. As this is published for the media in middle of the month for the following month, it is also worth informing the department of dates and fixtures well in advance by e-mail.

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