Pervasive System Security

Modul Number11862
Responsible Staff MemberProf. Dr. rer. nat. Langendörfer, Peter
Direct contactElisabeth Vogel, M.Sc.
Language of Teaching / ExaminationEnglish
Teaching me­thodsLecture + Exercise
Duration1 semester
Frequency of OfferEvery summer semester
Recommended PrerequisitesKnowledge of the content of the modules As well as basics in mathematics.
ContentsThis lecture introduces differnt kinds of pervasive systems considering divers aplication areas such as tele-medcine and homeland security. These examples are used to elaborate security and privacy requirements as well as threats against these golas. Then means to ensure the security/privacy goals will be introduced, here a clear focus is on cryptographic means that need to be considered as an essential pre-requisite to set-up any secure system. This lecture will also elaborate on potential problem of these systems to highlight potential attacks based on implementation "flaws". In addition security protocol e.g. for key exchange will be discussed in detail taking into account their limitations and means to successfully attack those protocols.
Learning Outcome
  • Knowledge about topology, functionality of pervasive systems in selected applicaiton areas
  • Knowledge about cipher algorithms (secret key and public key means)
  • Knowledge about security issues of the investigated cipher means as well as those of their implementations
  • Knowledge about side channel attacks on cipher means and appropriate counter measures
  • Knowledge about security protocols, e.g. key distribution protocols
  • Knowledge about security issues of investigated protocols
  • Knowledge about privacy issues
Module ExaminationPrerequisite + Final Module Examination (MAP)
Assessment Mode for Module ExaminationPrerequisite:
  • Successful completion of exercise assignments
Final module examination:
  • Written examination, 90 min. OR
  • Oral examination, 30 min. (with small number of participants)

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