Master's Thesis

The Master’s thesis is a culmination of the academic and learning experiences that have been acquired through the World Heritage Studies programme. The MA thesis should show the student’s ability to independently and critically research a problem. This research can be theoretical or applied in nature as regards to the assessment, protection, management and presentation of cultural or natural heritage. The MA thesis should demonstrate the student's ability to appropriately document the results of their study, while also applying scientifically founded research methods.

More specifically, the thesis is expected to have the following learning outcomes:

  • Knowledge: students show in-depth understanding of a specific academic area related to (World) heritage, and are able to recognise the cross-sectorial nature of heritage protection and management processes; they are able to gather and analyse information concerning their specific research area in order to understand complex academic materials and related theoretical frameworks; they can reflect on the practical applicability of this knowledge in the professional field;
  • Methods: students are able to apply scientific research methods (either qualitative and/or quantitative) and to develop their thesis according to academic standards; they demonstrate that they can independently and successfully complete an assignment within a set deadline, contributing to the development of new ideas;
  • Critical thinking: students can demonstrate the ability to critically discuss consulted literary sources and their research findings; students can independently and coherently formulate a position in regards to a specific topic; 
  • Communication: students are able to articulate the reasoning and the process behind their individual research in clear written and spoken form; they can present the results of their academic work in front of an audience, and also respond to questions that may arise in this context.

The topic of the Master’s thesis can be chosen from any of the four study areas of the curriculum. Students will work under the guidance of two academic advisors.

The final exam consists of the evaluation of the written work and its oral examination.

Current students may access additional information, forms and list of available Master Theses in the thesis library on the BTU Moodle page, "Information for Students of World Heritage Studies" ( 

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