Getting Started - WHS Online

Congratulations! You have been admitted to World Heritage Studies Online by BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg. We are delighted about that! We are convinced that you have made the right decision and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your start with BTU Online and beyond. We look forward to welcoming you online soon!

Online Enrolment

For applicants with a Foreign Master Entrance Qualification:

  1. Please fill out the “application of enrolment form” via the myBTU-Portal. You can do so right now or you can fill it out until 4 October 2021*.
  2. Following this, please send the signed form together with your enrolment documents to international+studentsupport(at)
  3. Finally, transfer the semester fee no later than 9 October 2021. You will find the transfer details on your “application of enrolment form”.

Through our Online Welcome and Registration Point, you can receive support throughout the enrolment process.

    For applicants with a German Master Entrance Qualification:

    Please follow the enrolment process as described on the enrolment website. The deadline to apply for enrolment is 4 October 2021*. You can address questions to immatrikulation(at)

    *Please note that your lectures will begin on 11 October 2021. It will be necessary for all students of WHS Online to be fully enrolled (incl. semester fee payment) to participate in the study programme.

    Enrolment Documents

    The following documents are required:

    • enrolment application form (signed)
    • passport/Identification card
    • current passport picture
    • if applicable: missing documents as listed on your letter of admission

    The following documents are NOT required for students of WHS Online:

    Please send these documents to international+studentsupport(at)

    Semester Fees

    Students of WHS Online have to pay a reduced semester fee of only 65 Euros per semester.

    Since WHS Online is a brand-new study option, not all technical and administrative processes could be adapted in time for the winter semester 2021/22. One of the consequences is that, although you have applied to and will be enrolled in WHS Online, you receive the same letter of admission and application for enrolment form as students of WHS On-Campus. On these documents (as well as on several websites), you may read that the semester fee is 321.03 Euros. Please ignore this information! Instead, please transfer the reduced semester fee of 65 Euros.

    The regular semester fee of 321.30 Euros per semester includes some student services which are only accessible in Cottbus, e.g.the semester ticket or the services of the Studentenwerk. Since students of WHS Online will not study on campus in Cottbus and do not receive a visa for the purpose of studying in Germany, they are exempted from paying these fees. The remaining 65 Euros include enrolment and registration fees, a contribution to the student representative body "StuRa" and a 1 Euro contribution to a social fund run by StuRa for students in need.

    Technical Requirements

    To study successfully, all students need the right equipment. Historically, the right equipment to study successfully was often the correct textbook, lots of paper and a good fountain pen. To study successfully in an online study option like WHS Online, you will need the right equipment, too. Below, you will find some tips on the technical requirements for WHS Online. These requirements are fairly standard and are fulfilled by most current devices. Nonetheless, we recommend that you check your equipment before starting your studies in WHS Online.

    Your hardware:

    • notebook or desktop computer (Windows 10, MacOS 10.15+, recent Linux, GoogleOS, ...)
    • tablets (Android, iOS, ...) might work, too
    • internal or external webcam
    • a headset (using internal speakers and microphone might cause feedback loops)

    Your software:

    • operating system with all available bug fixes applied
    • up-to-date browser (Mozilla Firefox 88+, Google Chrome 90+ , MS Edge, Safari,...)
    • office software (LibreOffice, MS Office, Abiword,…)
    • tool for printing PDFs (often already included)

    Your internet connection:

    • DSL or cable line with minimum 1Mbit/s bandwidth up and down
    • preferred speed: 16Mbit/s down, 4 Mbit/s up, or higher
    • using Wi-Fi might impact your internet speed; try using a physical LAN connection (network cable) to your router, if necessary
    • using only mobile data is not recommended in the long term, especially if your mobile reception is poor or fluctuates
    Semester Dates and Deadlines

    You can find the semester dates and deadlines on the website of our university's Student Service.

    The academic year at BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg is divided into two semesters:

    • winter semester: 1 October - 31 March,
    • summer semester: 1 April - 30 September.

    Each semester consists of the lecture period and the lecture-free period. During the lecture-free period, examinations may be held or you may be required to write papers.

    Information Session

    Before the start of your first semester, in the week before the start of lectures, you will be invited to an information session. The information session will include:

    • introduction of WHS Online,
    • explanation of the curriculum,
    • the learning platform moodle,
    • a chance to meet your fellow students and to ask questions to your programme coordinator,
    • and everything else that you might need to start your studies in WHS Online right.

    The information session will be held via video conference. You will be sent an invitation with the date and link well in advance.

    Tutorials "Digital BTU"

    Want to get a head start? The tutorials "Digital BTU" give an insight into the main administrative tools employed at BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg. For example, you can get a first look at our learning platform moodle. You have questions about these tutorials and about their content? No problem! All questions will be answered in the information session before the start of the semester.

    Want to know what BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg and Cottbus look like "in real life"? On the same website, you can find a 360° tour of our main campus, of the city and more.

    Questions? Contacts!

    Do you have questions about the enrolment process? Please contact

    Do you have questions about your study programme? You can reach us at worldheritage-ma+online(at)


    Q: Is a change from WHS On-Campus to WHS Online (and vice versa) possible?

    A: A change from one study option to the other is only possible once per year, before the start of the winter semester. This means that the earliest you could switch between WHS On-Campus and WHS Online would be for your third semester. Further information on the formal application process, recognition of modules etc. is provided to enrolled students.

    Q: Can I study WHS Online part-time?

    A: Yes. Enrolled students of WHS Online can apply for part-time studies in accordance with § 6 of the General Examination and Study Regulations. A few conditions apply, which include:

    • Each part-time student has to submit an individual study plan which must be confirmed by the Examination Board.
    • Part-time students may study a maximum of 30 ECTS per year. (If a part-time student registers for more than 30 ECTS in a year, they automatically relapse to the regular status of full-time studies.)
    • Semesters during which a student studies part-time count as half subject-related semesters. The regular study period and the expected date of graduation are extended accordingly.
    • Within our university, part-time students have the same status as full-time students.

    Further information (how to apply for part-time studies, suggested study plans etc.) will be provided in the information session before the start of the semester.

    No Visa/Residence Permit for Online Studies

    Please note that admission to the study option WHS Online does not qualify applicants to receive a visa for the purpose of studying in Germany. Enrolment in WHS Online will not qualify students for a residence permit for the purpose of studying in Germany. German law stipulates that visas/residence permits for the purpose of studying are only issued to students enrolled in full-time, on-campus study programmes. WHS Online - being taught entirely online and not requiring students' presence in Cottbus/Germany - will not make students eligible for a visa or a residence permit for the purpose of studying in Germany.

    If you wish to apply for a visa/residence permit for the purpose of studying in Germany, please consider the study option WHS On-Campus.

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