GeoFlow I


12.-13. November 2009

Topical Team Meeting


BTU Cottbus
Siemens-Halske-Ring 14
D-03046 Cottbus


Thursday, November, 12th 2009
1:00 pm    Introduction
(Ch. Egbers, BTU Cottbus)
1:30 pmGeoFlow I Experiment:
From Numerical Simulation to Experimental Data Evaluation
Part I: Numerical Simulation: Conclusions and Outlook
Part II: Experimental Validation of the Rapid Rotation Case
Part III: Experimental Validation of the Non-Rotating Case
(B. Futterer and S. Koch, BTU Cottbus)
3:00 pmCoffee Break
(Discussion, Lab-Tour)
4:00 pmInfluence of Rayleigh number for GeoFlow I/II with temperature-dependent viscosity models
(A.-C. Plesa, D. Breuer, DLR Berlin)
4:30 pmA hybrid spectral-finite difference code for the simulation of thermal convection in terrestrial
(Ruth Ziethe, ESA ESTEC)
5:00 pmDiscussion on GeoFlow II:
Connection between experimental possibilities and numerical challenges
Mission preparation
6.00 pmSpace-Application of Taylor-Couette Flow
(R. Lueptow, Evanstan, Illinois, USA)
Friday, November, 13th 2009                                                                                                     
9:00 amOpening
(Chr. Egbers, BTU Cottbus)
9:10 amDiscussion on Actions (Scientific/Technical):
1. GeoFlow I - Summary / State of Experimental Validation
2. Closure GeoFlow I
Dynamics of non-rotating case
(F. Feudel, University of Potsdam, L. Tuckerman, ESPCI Paris)
EOF analysis
(Th. von Larcher, FU Berlin)
3. Preparation of Mission GeoFlow II
(S. Mazzoni, ESA ESTEC Nordwijk)
10:00 amCoffee Break
10:30 amTechnical Application of dielectrophoretic force:
Parabolic Flight Campaign "Convection in a Cylinder" (PFC-CIC)
Part I: Numerical Simulation
(M. Smieszek, BTU Cottbus, O. Crumeyrolle, University of LeHavre)
Part II:Experimental Accomplishment
(N. Dahley, BTU Cottbus)
12:00 amLunch