Building Archaeology - Peenemünde Army Research Center


Dr.-Ing. Peter I. Schneider
Dr. Constanze Röhl


1st lecture: Monday 10. April 2017, 13:45 - 15:15
Lehrgebäude 2D, 307
2 Block seminars on 13.05. and on 03.06.2017
and 1 week workshop 05.08.-11.08.2017
(time slot for organisational or other meetings:
Monday, A/B, 13:45 - 15:15)


module (6 CP)
Heritage Conservation and Site Management: 11390 (HCSM212)
Architektur/Architecture: 25402 (GTA1-2)
Stadt- und Regionalplanung/Urban Planning: 25402 (GTA1-2)
Bauen und Erhalten: 25508  (V3)


Architectural remains constitute a pre-eminent category of objects considered tangible heritage. Apart from the manifold layers of significance that are to be attributed to them, physical remains of this kind on site represent the material base for all further research. Building archaeology is the specific approach to assess the informational value inherent in architectural remains.

The building designated to assembling the rockets – Fertigungshalle 1 (F1) -, built between 1941 and 1943, serves as a case study for the presentation of general conceptual issues which underly  the process of setting up complex conservation plans. Centered around the task of developing  an interpretative concept, the module offers to practise basic research methods, both theoretically and practically.

To all those who are interested in obtaining a vivid, real life experience of how different factors interplay in the process of interpreting and managing an archaeological site, a hands-on workshop is offered on site after the end of the lecture period (July or August). Costs of travel to and back from Peenemünde, for lodgement and for food have to be covered by the students. A minimum investment in personal basic drawing equipment is expected.

Limited to 15 participants (Students from HCSM will be preferred)!