History of Architecture


Dipl.-Ing. Henning Burwitz


Monday, week (AB), 13:45 - 17:00, 1. meeting: 13.10.2014
Building LG 2B, BU.16
Compact course: 24.-26.10.2014

Study Program:

module (6 CP)
World Heritage Studies - Master - PO 2006 and PO 2008
module 11377


Architecture is directly related to its time and location. The design of a building reflects cultural, social and political surrounding as much as their function. The lecture presents historical buildings of different times and countries, from ancient Greek and Roman architecture until the modern buildings of the 20th century. The focus of the selection will be European architecture - with additions and comparison with other buildings from countries outside of Europe. The actual monument will be embedded into the relevant historical context, topography and society. Through this context it will become obvious why a building was designed in a certain way. At the same time it demonstrates how architecture is a source of information on history itself.

The second part of the module will focus on how this information can be obtained. Architectural survey is the method of analysis and documentation of historical architecture. Different means of documentation will be presented, discussed and trained during the semester. At the end of the semester in a compact course the class will perform an architectural survey on a monument in Cottbus.