History of Architecture


Dr.-Ing. Elke Richter


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Lecture: Tue, 3.11.2020
Live-meeting: Fri, 6.11.2020


Please note: This course is generally intended for participants, whose previous educational and professional background is not based in the field of architecture. Architects are, of course, also welcome.
As Architectural history is as complex as its object. Especially for a beginner in architectural history, it is hard to understand the interrelations between e.g. design process, construction schemes, basic needs, typological considerations and formal frameworks. But being aware of these interrelations is essential to estimate the multitude of aspects of the historical development or significance - be it a single edifice or an urban context. The module therefore attempts to develop a basic understanding of these interrelations on the basis of different layers of understanding:  

- architectural presentation    
- building description
- building type & building task
- Architectural forms and their tradition
- architecture and historical context
- Building´s soft structure -> Light
- Single Building and urban context
- architectural documentation
- function and architecture
- planning process and its stakeholders
- Construction and material
- Development and significance of a building

The weekly lectures give the theoretical input into these layers of interpretation and the related terminology, focusing on European and German examples. In the live-meetings questions about the lecture content can be asked and will be discussed among all participants. During the semester the students are supposed to apply the contents of the lectures step by step by analysing a self-chosen example. The results will partly be presented and discussed among the participants.

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Modul-Nr.: 11377 (620106), Heritage Conservation and Site Management / M.A., World Heritage Studies / M.A.