Doktorand*innen in Erstbetreuung

NameVornameWorking Title
AnglJudithOttoman Heritage Narratives in North Macedonia and Greece
AmroHuda FarisUrbanised Refugee Camps „Camp Cities“: Refugee Heritage
BlessingAwoyoAfrican Student Associations in Brandenburg: A Comparative Analysis
FingarovaJanaMigrant Families’ Strategies of Social Protection between Formal Opportunity Structures and Informal Agency. A Case Study of Bulgarian Migration to Germany (abgeschlossen)
KartashovaEvgeniyaTraumatic Past in the Ex-Socialist Countries: Comparative Analyses of the Former KGB Prisons Turned Museums in Latvia, Lithuania and Russia
KrügerHannaSpatial Inequalities among Refugees in the European Union
MarusczykOliver(Re-)locating Antisemitism. Zur Stellung des Antisemitismus in der Rassismus-, Ethnizitäts- und und Nationalismusforschung
RadoliLydiaAnalysis of Migration and Development Discourse in Transnational Digital Media: Case of Kenyan Migration to Europe (abgeschlossen)
SabauriMarineTransnationale Genderbeziehungen und Sexualität in den gegenwärtigen Migrationsfilmen
SchäferJanaOn the Discursivity and Materiality of Sexualized Violence in Germany
SheppentalAlisaIntersektionale Perspektiven auf die Citizenship-Problematik
ShiraziHosseinTransnationale Migration zwischen Afghanistan und Iran – Eine qualitative Untersuchung im Kontext sozialer Ungleichheit
XinranLiA Study of Migration Trajectories of Chinese Youth in Germany
Habilitation   Name    Vornahme     Arbeitstitel
RohdeCaterinaEmploying the performativity concept in migration studies