MA E. Onur Ceritoglu The Excess of Istanbul’s Urban Transformation: Çıkmacılar (Removers) in-between Informal Urbanization and Mass-Demolition

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The Excess of Istanbul’s Urban Transformation: Çıkmacılar (Removers) in-between Informal Urbanization and Mass-Demolition

Çıkmacıs refer to people who salvage abandoned buildings for their removable and recyclable parts in Istanbul. Mapping demolition sites in the current situation that are subject to urban transformation reveals where Çıkmacıs operate. These sites pop out constantly all-around Istanbul as the urban remaking projects take over. Çıkmacıs accumulate secondhand elements that they remove from these sites in their peripheral yards and trade them informally to geographies out of Istanbul. The trading of salvaged building elements is particularly dependent on social networks that distribute them not only within Turkey but also to neighboring countries such as Georgia. Social and solidarity networks which are formed through migration from rural to the city in form of kinship and compatriot relations. The story of a window frame from a demolished housing block in Istanbul, going through neoliberal remaking, travelling to a Georgian post-soviet flat in Tbilisi, a city trying to open up to global investment, is important to understand the ramifications of these processes. During the research, a scrapper family’s journey starting from Istanbul back to their village in central Anatolia where they migrated from 20 years ago was being monitored for two years. Along with participant observations and field notes, all the members of the family were investigated with a focus on their halftime profession; farmer and waste collector. Çıkmacıs create a knowledge through their activities; finding their own ways for their livelihood. Eventually, they turn disadvantages of lacking infrastructure into an advantage while proposing a sustainable solution for recycling and reuse.

2012 - CurrentVisual artist
2013 - 2018Research Assistant Lecturer, Interior Design Department, İstanbul Bilgi University, TR
2012 - 2016PhD competency, Istanbul Technical University, TR
2010 - 2012Founder Architect, Tadilat Spatial and Furniture Design, İstanbul, TR
2009 - 2012MA Visual Arts, Sabanci University, Istanbul, TR
2009 - 2011Teaching Assistant, Sabancı University Visual Arts and Visual Communication, TR
2008 - 2009Architect, Foster + Partners, İstanbul, TR
2002 - 2008BA Architecture & Interior Design (Double major), Istanbul Technical University, TR
2006 - 2007Exchange year, Edinburgh College of Art, SCT

2019 ‘Informal trading and distribution of second hand construction components in and out of Istanbul’, Networks, Circulation and Everyday Urban Economies Panel Discussion, RC21 Delhi Conference

2019 ‘Istanbul’s demolition waste as metabolic excrement for trade’, Circular Economy Panel Discussion, AESOP Venice Conference

2018 ‘Removers: Material reclamation from buildings in Istanbul’, Tbilisi Architecture Biennial Pre-events

2016 ‘Evci: Reuse and Recycle processes of an art work’  UTAK 2016 – 2. National Design Research Conference at METU

2015 ‘Çıkmacıs: Building Salvage’, Politics of Ecology Conference at Istanbul Bilgi University

2019 Hans Böckler Stiftung Doctoral Scholarship

2018"International promovieren in Deutschland - for all" (IPID4all) TU Darmstadt URBANGrad, DE

2014 Grenzfährservice, Borderline Europe, DE