Publikationen von A. Naif

  • Klaus Meer and Ameen Naif: "Periodic Generalized Automata over the Reals." Extended abstract to appear in:Proc 10th International Conference on Language and Automata Theory and Applications LATA 2016, Prague, Adrian-Horia Dediu, Carlos Martin-Vide, and Bianca Truthe (eds.), Springer LNCS, 2016.
  • Klaus Meer and Ameen Naif: "Generalized finite automata over real and complex numbers."
    Theoretical Computer Science, Vol. 591, 85-98, 2015.
    Online version click here.
  • Klaus Meer and Ameen Naif: "Generalized Finite Automata over Real and Complex Numbers.",  extended abstract in: Proc. 11th annual conference on Theory and Applications of Models of Computational TAMC 2014, Chennai, M. Agrawal, B. Cooper, TV Gopal, A.Li (eds.), Springer LNCS 8402, 168--187, 2014.


  • Ameen Naif: "Endliche Automaten über allgemeinen Strukturen",  BTU Cottbus, 2013