Publikationen von A. Naif

  • Klaus Meer and Ameen Naif: "Periodic Generalized Automata over the Reals." Extended abstract to appear in:Proc 10th International Conference on Language and Automata Theory and Applications LATA 2016, Prague, Adrian-Horia Dediu, Carlos Martin-Vide, and Bianca Truthe (eds.), Springer LNCS, 2016.
  • Klaus Meer and Ameen Naif: "Generalized finite automata over real and complex numbers."
    Link zu einer externen Seite Theoretical Computer Science, Vol. 591, 85-98, 2015.
    Online version click Link zu einer externen Seite here.
  • Klaus Meer and Ameen Naif: "Generalized Finite Automata over Real and Complex Numbers.",  extended abstract in: Link zu einer externen Seite Proc. 11th annual conference on Theory and Applications of Models of Computational TAMC 2014, Chennai, M. Agrawal, B. Cooper, TV Gopal, A.Li (eds.), Springer LNCS 8402, 168--187, 2014.


  • Ameen Naif: "Endliche Automaten über allgemeinen Strukturen",  BTU Cottbus, 2013