Research projects

IFI - Intelligent Fashion Interfaces, 2003

The aim of the project Intelligent Fashion Interfaces (IFI) is to provide a knowledge base for the development and standardized applications of intelligent fashion interfaces, a new part of the growing market related to networks of e-wear and e-textiles with integrated functions like communication, ubiquitous, disappearing computing and wearable electronics. The ambient landscape needs interfaces which are standardized and help to make interaction possible. The project will 1. analyse the state of art of existing interface technologies for new network applications, 2. evaluate the relevance from IFIs for future scenarios and assess effects for consumers and consumer behaviour, to reduce risks for privacy, health and other issues, 3. prepare a gap analysis, 4. initiate standardizing activities for IFIs and textile applications for the convenience of consumers, retailers and developers, 5. creating fundamental solutions and develop new IFIs, e.g. with monomolucular films or dynamic chaos technology.

KISS-Tex - Textiles Kindersicherheitssystem. - Brandenburg, 2002 -2003.

E-Protect - Erforschung der E-Smog-Schutzeigenschaften von Textilien und Entwicklung von Bekleidung mit E-Smog-Protection. - Brandenburg, 2002 - 2003.

FICOM - Fibercomputing. Erforschung der Integration von Computertechnologie in textile Fasern. EU, 2000 - 2003.

Fiber Computing (FiCom) is a project from the 5th framework programmeintegrated into the "Disappearing Computer" programme of the EU. The objective of the FiCom project is to incorporate computing power into materials that are shaped in the form of fibers. Fibers that either form or can easily be implemented into objects will be investigated. An ordinary object can be turned into an artefact that can compute, sense or remember through the incorporation of such fibers. The fiber production approach to be adopted will create the fundamentals for the realisation of a literally disappearing computer and enable the integration of information technology into everyday objects and in particular into high-tech-textile products. As this project is mainly basic research, a follow up project should be launched in the 6th framework programme to develop the "killer applications" for the fashion business

HCF - Health Care Fashion

The Integrated Project Health Care Fashion will establish Europe as the leading producer of Health Care Fashion, one of the most important markets for the future. Through the integration of new technology into clothes they can fulfil completely new functions in the mobile medical health care and health management. Through Health Care Fashion that is integrating product content and service, multiple user groups from elderly people, risk groups and sick persons up to sportsmen and health counscious customers can get comfortable mobile health systems as well as clothes making their life and healing processes more convinient, enjoyable, individual and effective. Though, not only the users can gain high value out of these developments, but also the whole public health system. As result of the project, there should be different collections of Health Care Fashion ready for the market for different user groups. The project combines material, interface, process and medical research as well as design and market research activities. HCF combines latest technology with one of the oldest branches, the fashion industry.

UV-TEX - Erforschung der UV-Durchlässigkeit von Textilien und Entwicklung von Bekleidung mit definiertem Schutzfaktor gegen UV-Strahlung (MA), 2001

Integriertes 3-D-Nähsystem -Verbundprojekt im Programm "Produktion 2000" (MA), 2000

ITEX - Information Technology in Textile Chain, EURATEX, Brüssel, 1998

Medienverhalten - empirische Untersuchung, Berlin, 1989

*The research projects are references of persons not of the institution.