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Hoffmann, C. (2019). Estimating the Benefits of Adaptation to Extreme Climate Events, Focusing on Nonmarket Damages. Ecological Economics [B,5-yr Impact Factor: 4.803].

Hoffmann, C., & Stephan, G. (2018). Regional Flood Impacts and Adaptation in a federal Setting: A Spatial Computable General Equilibrium Analysis for Switzerland. Climate Change Economics [5-yr Impact Factor: 0.95], 1850001.

Konferenz- und Arbeitspapiere

Estimation of a non-market damage function for heat waves in Europe (zusammen mit Stefan Boes)

Can informational nudges help to increase energy efficiency of employees by increasing their performance? (zusammen mit Kirsten Thommes)

Using Loss Aversion to Incentivize Energy Efficiency in a Principal Agent Context – Evidence from a Field Experiment (zusammen mit Kirsten Thommes)

Bonus-sharing rules in team contests and employee performance: Evidence from a field experiment (zusammen mit Kirsten Thommes)

Intergenerational fairness and optimal climate change adaptation policy (zusammen mit Gunter Stephan)

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Hoffman, Ch. & Boes, S. Empirical Derivation of a Damage Function for Heat Waves in Europe.

Hoffmann, Ch. Do We Need to Adapt to Heat Waves? A General Equilibrium Analysis for Switzerland.

Aktuelle Arbeiten

“Doing good by being future oriented – how the pace of life triggers pro-environmental behavior”, zusammen mit Julia Amelie Hoppe und Kirsten Thommes

“Time inconsistency and optimal climate change adaptation policy – an overlapping generations approach”, zusammen mit Gunter Stephan

“Hedonic Valuation of flood risk in Germany”, zusammen mit Stefan Boes