Gumno presents: Bokashi Workshop - Wednesday, May 3rd

GUMNO Garden and friends offer a series of special workshops for you: BOKASHI - Biowaste turns into valuable raw natural resource

The kick-off workshop takes place on Wednesday, May 3rd 19:30 - 21:00 in ERM common room (LG3B 0.20 - basement)

Detailed information:

- Hans & Konstantin - we are students of LAWA. With the financial aid of "Umwelt-Euro" we are organizing a project in which we try to produce fertile black soil.

What is the workshop about?
- During this workshop we want to show you how you can easily produce a fertile soil with your kitchen residues. All organic residues are basically raw material which can be used further. How this works and how you can also be a part of the garden in Gumno to test your self-made soil, will be explained in the first workshop event.

What can you expect?
- 1. We will cook a delicious vegan mail (sweet potato-tofu-curry-stew) with rice which Gumno will provide. Drinks, some vegan cake and salads will be provided. While enjoying your meal (you can also bring your own food additionally) you will see a presentation on how soil can be created easily with the "Bokashi" concept. In the end, we use all our organic "waste" to prepare the first phase of the bokashi.

What do you have to bring?
- Bring your own food if you want additionally (If you are really hungry ;))

How to join
- It will be a great help if you could click on "going" on the Facebook event (Link zu einer externen Seite so we can estimate how many people are coming.
- don't forget the bucket XD (10l size would be great but as already mentioned bring what you got.)

- this is only the first part of the workshop. Further events will happen. We are happy to see you.

Preliminary Plan:
Part1: 03.05.2017, 19:30 h: Bokashi-Workshop

Part 2: 24.05.2017 (time t.b.a.): Bon fire / BBQ for opening of new GUMNO & presentation of the concept 'Terra Preta' at BTU (all interested students are welcome) :-)

Part3: 14.06.: Action-Day Composting - everyone brings his own bucket so we can observe what has happened

... more workshops and Action-Days about raised plant beds and manufacturing of vegetable carbon will follow...

ERM Plenary Meeting - Wednesday, May 10th, 11:00 am

We are inviting all concerned students to a Plenary Meeting of the ERM Student Body.
This involves all students enrolled in one of the following programmes:

ERM B.Sc., ERM M.Sc., Euro Aquae M.Sc. and Wirtschaftsrecht für Technologieunternehmen M.B.L.
The Plenary Meeting will take place on May 10th, 2017, 11:00 am in ZHG / HS A.
The only point on the agenda will be voting on new Articles of Association for the ERM Student Body. Here you can download the Portables Dokumentenformat draft and Portables Dokumentenformat German translation.

The ERM Student Body is a legal institution of student self-administration and part of the BTU Student Body. Therefore, it is obliged to have Articles of Association laying down regulations on the organization of the Student Body. Our currently valid Articles of Association are outdated and need to be adapted to actual customs. In order to bring new Articles of Association into force we need a majority vote from the Plenary Meeting. If demanded we will discuss and clarify articles and finally vote on the draft. We hope to see many of you in order to have a vote from a wide base.

Excursion to Ecovillage ZEGG: The ecovillages approach to climate change - May 20th - 21st

We are organizing a super nice excursion for you.

Have you ever wondered whether there are places where sustainability is put into practice in all fields of life and what it would look like?
Here is the possibility to hear, feel, see, touch, taste etc. what it is like - getting to know one of the ecovillage/community projects of Europe which is just around the corner - "ZEGG" in Bad Belzig (

We will stay two days in the ecovillage ZEGG, have a guided tour, organic food, sleep there in tents, experience the social instruments they developed and use in these places and learn more in different workshops about the following aspects:
1. The ecovillage ZEGG (its community and how it works), other ecovillages and the Global Ecovillage Network.
2. Climate change from a scientific and a deep ecological view.
3. The ecovillages approach to climate change.

The excursion will take place from May 20th to May 21st. The excursion is open to all students of BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg. Registration is necessary. The participation fee is 20 Euro (meals and accommodation in own tents included).

Here you find more information: Portables Dokumentenformat

Here is a direct link to the registration form (registration will be opened Wednesday, April 19th, 09:00 am): Link zu einer externen Seite 

There are only 22 spots available. Register quickly!

ERM BoSt Townhall - Wednesday, April 19th, 19:00 h

New semester. New BoSt members. New Townhall.
A forum to meet your BoSt and discuss academic and social topics.

On this Townhall meeting, we want to introduce you to our new members, give you an update about what happend in the last weeks and what we plan for this semester. We also invite you to bring your issues to discuss.

Date and time: Wednesday, April 19th, 2016, 19:00 h
Venue: ERM common room, LG 3B, room 0.20 (basement)


As members of BoSt, we want to be more transparent and communicative with you, and get the community involved, in bringing a positive change that everyone appreciates.We'd like to invite you all to come hang out with us, get to know us better and give us an impression of what you think can be improved and know more about our plans for the coming weeks.

ERM Pre-Easter Bonfire at Dachschaden - Thursday, April 13th

ERM Easter Bunny is hosting a pre-easter bonfire at Dachschaden!

The semester has started again, new people have arrived and others returned. That are reasons enough to have a cozy come together around the bonfire.

We will have drinks (beer and softdrinks) and dough for stick bread prepared for. And maybe, if you are a lucky, you can hunt some Easter Eggs.

Date and Time: Thursday, April 13th, 2017, 19:00 h
Place: Dachschaden, Lieberoser Str. 25