Suggestion box: "Mailbox of Trust"

We are proudly introducing our new suggestion box to you. It is called Mailbox of Trust and you can find in front of our office (LG 3B, room 0.15 (basement)). Do you have any suggestions or comments for us? Drop them in there. We are looking forward to read your messages.

Results BoSt elections

Thank you to all who voted in the BoSt elections. With pleasure we are announcing the results.

The new members elected for one year are:
Jung Yoon (Bachelor 1st semester)
Sabina Harcenkova (Bachelor 1st semester)
Sophie Grunau (Bachelor 1st semester)


We are looking forward to work together with new ideas, spirit and energy. 

ERM Bonfire at Dachschaden - January 20th

!!!Bring your own cup for Glühwein!!!

You think time for Glühwein is over? We proof the opposite!

Winter has finally arrived and that is the best time for getting together around the Dachschaden bonfire.
Let's get warm together with a Glühwein and some stick bread.
Drinks (Beer and Glühwein and softdrinks) and stick bread will be prepared for you.

Date and Time: January 20th, 2017, 19:00 h
Place: Dachschaden, Lieberoser Str. 25

Paris Climate Agreement Excursion - January 20th

Join the Paris Climate Agreement excursion:

The bus tour focuses on the Paris Climate Agreement with an emphasis on both local and global considerations. At each stop, Mr. Zoepp will lead a detailed discussion. He relates it to local and global energy needs, employment, environmental impacts, and renewable versus non-renewable energy.

In Mr. Zoepp’s interactive discussions, he explores energy policy, global climatic change, externalized costs of coal mining, how coal mining companies can expropriate homeowners, the effects of coal mining on local groundwater, coal mine restoration, the impacts and benefits of solar and wind energy, and an interesting visit with a man who lives in a village that will be devastated by the expansion of the coal mines.

The tour will also include a snack, which we heard is very good and made from organic sources. At each stop we will be outside so dress appropiately. Wear adequate footwear.

40 spots available for ERM students at €16
Non-ERM students may sign up in case of free spots left

Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th of January from 13.15 to 13.45hs
Mensa ground floor
20 spots available each day

Friday 20th from 13.30 to 18.00hs
Meeting point: Mensa ground level
Tour by bus:
- Open cast lignite mine
- Taubendorf, a village which will be adversely affected by the expansion of coal mines
- Solar farm on a former military base
- Wind farm, a community-owned project

BoSt Elections - Applicants and Dates

from Monday, January 9th until Tuesday, January 17th the elections for BoSt take place.

Three spots are available and it is up to you to vote for those you think should become BoSt members. You find the applications by the five candidates Portables Dokumentenformat here.

The polling station will be next to Mensa stairs and the voting is possible on the following dates:

Monday, January 9th, 13:00 h - 13:45 h
Tuesday, January 10th, 13:00 h - 13:45 h
Wednesday, January 11th, 13:00 h - 13:45 h
Thursday, January 12th, 13:00 h - 13:45 h

Monday, January 16th, 13:00 h - 13:45 h
Tuesday, January 17th, 13:00 h - 13:45 h

Your vote counts!