Cancelled: Faculty 2 BBQ - Alternative: Meet and Greet in Quasimono - June 29th

Unfortunately, on short notice we have to cancel the Faculty 2 BBQ on Thursday due to extreme bad weather forecast. Instead, we will invite the visiting potential new students to a Meet in Greet in Quasimono. We want to inform them about our city, our university and our study program in particular and have casual discussions with them. Some food will be prepared and everybody is invited to join us having a chilled evening before moving to the Columbian Culture Night.
New date and time: Thursday, June 29th, 19:00 h
Location: Quasimono, Erich-Weinert-Straße 2

ERM BoSt Elections - Call for Applications

The ERM Board of Students elections are coming up!

Shilpa, Arjun, Robin and Jan are leaving the board by the end of this semester and for the upcoming period we will have 4 spots available.

Being a member of BoSt is a great experience and it is your chance to make a difference. Give your opinion, share your ideas to improve the study program and keep the variety of activities running.

If you would like to be part of the team, start writing an application letter. The application should include your name, a short description about yourself and why you want to be part of the BoSt and should have max. 250 words. Please, also attach a picture of yourself to your application.

Send your application to E-Mail info(at)bost-erm.comThe deadline for the application period is Friday, July 7th, 2017.

The elections will take place from Monday, July 10th until Thursday, July 13th, 2017. More information about the procedure will be announced soon.

We are looking forward to receive your application and wish you all the best.

Running Dinner: "Cottbus Kocht" - July 3rd

Grab a buddy and get prepared for the big cook-in "" on July 3rd!
Each team will prepare one course an host two other teams. After each course you will change the kitchen and meet two other teams. Don't miss this opportunity to meet new people and get to know new tasty dishes.
Sounds yummy? Go ahead and get your team registered before July 2nd, 12:00 pm via Link zu einer externen Seite

Short and sweet:
+ 2 people per team +
+ 6 people each course (4 guests) +
+ change the kitchen and the two other teams after each course +
+ get to know up to 12 new people +
+ after-dinner-event at Unbelehr-Bar +

Cottbus für Alle (Cottbus for All) Protest - June 27th

Join us for a protest for diversity, open-mindedness and against right winged people that promote xenophobic ideals and against the party Pegida in particluar.
Cottbus for All!

The protest is an initiative by different persons and supported by different local groups e.g. Förderverein Cottbuser Aufbruch e.V..Recently, right-wing protests happend in Cottbus organized by the newly founded group "Zukunft Heimat". They hype xenophobia and claim to close borders around Germany and Europe. Furthermore, violent attacks happened related to their protests: Link zu einer externen Seite 

This is inacceptable and requires us to raise our voice against baiting and for an open Cottbus for All!

Date and time: Tuesday, June 27th, 19:00 h
Location: Brandenburger Platz
Link to the Facebook event: 
Link zu einer externen Seite 

Colombian Culture Night - June 29th

Yes, once again is here, The Colombian Culture Night.
As you know "Roses are red and sky is blue, there is not a better time for this party too".
So before all the final Uni stuff begins, come and have fun, with a good dose of salsa and caribbean music to dance,so you can shake your bodies in a sexy way with your latin friends.
Come party with us, and don't forget to come on time for some awesome food and an amazing programme!
Link zu einer externen Seite
Entrance free!
Date and time: Thursday, June 29th, 21:30 h
Location: Bebel, Nordstr. 4

French Caribbean Culture Night - June 22nd

Come and taste a little bit of the French Antilles Culture!
Tasty food, good music and more surprises await you...
Link zu einer externen Seite

Entrance free
Date and time: Thursday, June 22nd, 21:30 h
Location: Eventclub 13, Karl-Marx-Straße 13

WorldCafé - June 21st

Join us for another WorldCafé! Let's have a joyful evening and expand each other's horizons.

The World Café is a place to get into exchange beyond the academic context with your fellow students from all around the world . Tell about your background and experiences and learn from others'. The discussion covers topics like culture, world view, religion, education, communication, gender roles and more. In a casual atmosphere we want to extend our knowledge and understand the different backgrounds coming together in our international study programme.

Check also our exclusive video invitation on the Facebook event: Link zu einer externen Seite 

Date and time: Wednesday, June 21st, 19:30 h
Location: Café Zelig, Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 21

Cottbus Open Festival - June 18th

The Cottbus Open Festival is an intercultural event, part of the Cottbus' yearly city festival. Different groups will present their cultures with music and dancing on stage. NGOs, charities and other associations will offer a diverse program. The culinary highlight is the interNETional food court where you can try delicacies from 20 different countries, prepared by our fellow students representing their countries. Come early enough to save your plate.

Date and time: Sunday, June 18th, 12:00 h - 18:00 h
Location: Puschkinpark

OC Social Meeting - June 14th

Our latest OC is having another meeting. Everybody is welcome to join!

The OC Social is aimed at bringing the creative minds forward. Want to make some fun events in the campus? Organize game nights, movie nights, world-cafè and whatnot!
Share your ideas and comments. Team up. And make it happen!

Date and time: Wednesday, June 14th.
Location: Cafe Zelig, Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 2.