New Articles of Association

On the Plenary Meeting on Wednesday, May 10th we have adopted new Articles of Association. With the vote by the Plenary Meeting they now have become effective. Thanks to those participating in the meeting and the vote. The minutes of the Plenary Meeting and the adopted Articles (in German and English) are available for download here.

New Organizing Committee "Social"

This group is aimed at bringing the creative minds forward. Want to make some fun events in the campus? Organize game nights, movie nights, world-cafè and whatnot! Share your ideas and comments. Team up. And make it happen! If you are interested to contribute, join the the Facebook group: Link zu einer externen Seite 

Slavic Culture Night - May 11th

Hello everyone and let me speak from my heart! This year we decided to make a SLAVIC Culture Night: Russia+Ukraine+Belarussia are all together!Three different cuisines... so it means lots of food!!!
Music by Arthur Léon

Free entrance/

Daten and time: Thursday, May 11th, 21:00 h
Place: Quasimono, Erich-Weinert-Str. 2