Prof. Dr. iur. Eike Albrecht


Institute of Legal Sciences

Chair of Civil and Public Law with Reference to Environmental and European Law

Field of research
Environmental and planning law
World Heritage
Climate change
Risk management

Prof. Dr. jur. Eike Albrecht conducts research in the field of law with a focus on environmental law, international environmental law including law of World Heritage. Main areas of research, which are reflected in a series of book and journal publications, are related to issues of environmental inspection of projects (environmental compatibility inspection) as well as plans and programmes (strategic environmental inspection). Despite the examination of environmental matters, such as the protection of biotopes or species, the protection of cultural goods and cultural landscapes plays an increasingly important role in environmental inspection. The legal dimension of heritage can be highlighted adequately by these focus areas within the research of the Heritage Studies. Moreover, Prof. Albrecht deals with risk management including organisational and procedural issues. Additionally, he is interested in national and in particular transnational procedures of participation, their regulations and their difficulties of practical implementation. As an expert he provides international development organisationas and the European Union with advice in environmental capacity-building. Prof. Albrecht shall mainly supervise dissertations in the focus areas 1, 3 and 4.