Univ.-Prof. Dr. phil. Thomas Raab


Institute of Enviromental science

Chair of Geopedology and Landscape Development

Field of research
Anthropogenic disturbances and use of ecosystems

Prof. Dr. phil. Thomas Raab teaches and conducts research in geo-pedology, which is so far unique in the German higher education area as a science at the juxtaposition of geoscience and soil science. The integrative approach of geo-pedology allows for a more extensive observation of the so-called “near to the surface subsoil”, which is both a central component of our ecosystems and represents a resource for all kinds of our economic activities on the earth's surface.  Besides geo-pedology, Prof. Raab dedicates himself to the development of landscapes and in particular to the development of cultural landscapes. Subject- and content-related emphases are thereby placed on quaternary soil- and relief-genesis, as well as the sustaining impact of the (pre)historic, economically active human on the environment. This perspective is of immense significance for the analysis of the historicity of cultural landscapes that are defined as heritage. It allows to question early, current and future changes (self-) critically and thereby to evaluate the development of cultural landscapes against the background of geogenic processes. He shall supervise PhD-topics in focus area 4.